"Diversities in the USA: Brighton Beach"

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Brighton Beach Many immigrants from the former USSR are great patriots of the United States, and these people sincerely love their new motherland. But their feeling of America is of a little strange kind it is like a love of a parasite worm to the body of its host. The way of life in the so-called Russian District in Brooklyn is very interesting. I have seen different countries and never saw anything

like this. If you think that such thing as culture of poverty does not exist, I would strongly recommend observing life in Brighton Beach. What do these people like in the US the most? Freedom? Democracy? Maybe nature? No! The right answer is welfare, and all means to get it are good. By the way, it is not difficult at all. The easiest way is to prove that you have a serious illness.

How can I possibly do it if I am perfectly healthy? some naпve person might ask. Well, first of all, many newcomers know the addresses of necessary doctors even before leaving their native country. In fact, there is a perfectly organized industry in Russia that is sending people abroad. If you did not find it out in Russia, it is not a big deal because you always can get all necessary information through your friends

in Brooklyn, or simply from a Russian newspaper. I m going to describe such papers later, it is interesting. The people receiving welfare are not lazy at all, and most of them have at least one job of course, they work for cash. It just would not be wise to pay rent for your apartment by yourself if a kind government is happy to do it for you. I know a woman in Brooklyn, named Ludmila, who is receiving welfare as a disabled person, and the government pays for

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