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201. Theatre (5,92 кБ) Реферат 08.06.2010

Theatre Theatre is a place where you can see a play staged. It is also one of entertainments. A theatre consists of two parts the stage and the hall. They are separated by a curtain and the orchestra. Actors and actresses perform on the stage and public

202. Theories of European Integration (28,3 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

Theories OF European Integration For many years, the academic study of the European Communities (EC), as they were then called, was virtually synonymous with the study of European integration. The initially modest and largely technocratic achievements

203. Three sectors of the economy (5,95 кБ) Реферат 26.02.2010

Three sectors of the economy. Speaking about the three sectors of the economy, first of all we should define what the word “sector” means. Actually it has two meanings. The first is the sector as a part of the economy of a country. A particular sector

204. Tourism in Brazil (22,61 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

Introduction In the given work the speech will go about the interesting and attractive country – Brazil. For hundreds of years, Brazil has symbolized the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country.

205. Tourism in Spain (30 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

Contents Introduction 1. Tourism industry in the world 1.1 Structure of tourism industry in the world 1.2 Tourism and transportation in the world 1.3 Accommodation and catering service in the world 2. Tourism in Spain 2.1 Useful information about Spain

206. Translation (24,29 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

Plan. Introduction. P.3 Chapter I Dialectics of national coloring in the translation. P.5 Chapter II Coloring and erasure of coloring. P.13 Chapter III Analogisms and anachronisms. P.22 Conclusion. P.24 Bibliography. P.26 Appendix. P.28 Introduction.

207. Travelling (8,68 кБ) Реферат 26.03.2010

Travelling - Do you like to travel? - Yes, I do. Besides, I want to say that I can not imagine my life without travelling. Modern means of communication make the world a small place. Now it is possible to visit many countries and meet people of all nations.

208. Tsar Saltan (4,17 кБ) Реферат 26.03.2010

Tsar Saltan Once upon a time in a far away land Tsar Saltan sat listening to the future plans of three sisters. One of these sisters said that she wanted to give birth to a great warrior, and employ the other two sisters in her charge. Tsar Saltan decided

209. UK Parliament (23,43 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

UK Parliament Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy. This means it has a monarch as its Head of the State. The monarch reigns with the support of Parliament. The UK Parliament is one of the oldest representative assemblies in the world, having its origin in the mid-13th century.

210. Understanding cultural differences (20,06 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

Plan I. What Is Culture? a. Basic Assumptions, Values And Norms Drive Practices And Behaviors b. Culture Operates At Various Levels - The Visible Artifacts To The Deeply Rooted And Unconscious c. The Role of the Leader in Transmitting Culture II. Why Assess Culture?

211. USA Holidays (4,74 кБ) Реферат 26.03.2010

USA Holidays Holiday is a day set apart for religious observance or for the commemoration of some extraordinary event or distinguished person, or for some other public occasion. National holidays are days set aside by official government proclamation to celebrate different occasions.

212. Valenz der Verben (20,17 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis. I. Vorwort 2 II. Zum Begriff der Wortbedeutung 3 III. Valenztheorie. Der Begriff der Valenz 4 IV. Valenz der Verben 11 V. Bedeutung und Valenz der Adjektive und Substantive 14 VI. Die Valenzanalyse des Verbs „danken“ 16 Quellenverzeichnis 18 I.

213. Was Poe being ironic when he wrote "The Black Cat"? (7,32 кБ) Реферат 17.07.2009

Was Poe being Ironic When He Wrote “The Black Cat”? Do you not have a strange sensation when you read Edgar Poe? I do. It is like a fear of darkness, a fear of something so huge and terrible that we, humans, are unable to understand. A boy was reading a book.

214. What I dislike in my school (4,41 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

What I dislike in my school. I like my school very much because I have spent the best years of my short life there. But in spite of it I dislike the whole system of education. You see, it is almost impossible to enter a University without helping of the

215. Word structure in modern english (11,08 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

WORD Structure IN Modern English I. The morphological structure of a word. Morphemes. Types of morphemes. Allomorphs. II. Structural types of words. III. Principles of morphemic analysis. IV. Derivational level of analysis. Stems. Types of stems. Derivational types of words.

216. Work & motivation (9,46 кБ) Реферат 26.02.2010

Work motivation As well as setting communicating objectives, developing strategies, allocating resources, managers have to motivate the staff who report to them. These will often include people with interesting, responsible fulfilling jobs, as well as

217. Your actions speak louder than words (4,17 кБ) Реферат 18.09.2008

Your actions speak louder than words. Communication process is not limited to what we say with words. There are 3 elements of communication Words (7 of information is communicated though words), Body language (55 ) and tone of voice (38 ). Thus, 93 of communication is non-verbal.

218. Автобіографія. Географічні назви в ділових паперах (20,33 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

Автобіографія. Складні випадки керування в службових документах. Правопис географічний назв в ділових паперах Автобіографія - це документ, в якому особа повідомляє основні факти своє біографії. Реквізити 1. Назва виду документа. 2. Текст, в якому зазначається

219. Агентство з питань банкрутства. Особливості діяльності та функції. (19,31 кБ) Реферат 10.11.2008

Агентство з питань банкрутства. Особливості діяльності та функції. ПЛАН Вступ 3 1. Основні відомості про агентство з питань банкрутства 4 2. Особливості діяльності агентства 6 3. Функції агентства 13 Висновок 16 Список використаної літератури 18 Вступ

220. Алкогольні напої (47,33 кБ) Курсовая 02.10.2008

ЗМІСТ Введення 1. Спирт Етиловий І ГОРІЛКА 2. ЛІКЕРО-ГОРІЛЧАНІ Вироби 3. ВинограднІ І ПлодовІ ВИНА 3.1 Вимоги до якості, упаковки, маркування і зберігання вин 3.2 Хвороби, дефекти і недоліки вин 4. Коньяк Список ЛІТератури Введення Міцні алкогольні напої

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