The Cultural Heritage of the Kazakh Nation

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Without boasting he never showed up his beautiful dog’s abilities. Because it was unnecessary to him. Year by year herdsman still lived in luck and satisfaction, but one day he decided to take out his Tazy on hunting and to show each of his friends how his dog is beautiful.

He took part in the hunting games, but suddenly his dog speed far away so much that other famous dogs left behind. Everybody delighted with the Tazy and offered fantastic things instead of dog and envied to its owner. He was so proud and happy to such an extent that it turned his head.

But it lasted not so long as it seemed to him. The day came to an end, the night was over, and new day brought the herdsman’s family misfortune – his dog begun to ache. It refused to eat and just motionless lied in the yurt.

Few days passed but resultless eating and drinking nothing. One day in cold dark autumn evening Tazy stood up, licked its master and left the yurt. Since then the dog disappeared from the herdsman’s life.

He was so mourned over his sorrow, but there was no way to solve his problem. The harsh and snowy winter came again and brought new troubles. Most of his cattle died from the wintry harsh.

Herdsman lost everything becoming poor as it was in the old days. Since that time nobody disturbs red duck, thus it lives near to auls and does not afraid of man. That’s why, according to this legend, Tazy brings happy and fortune to the hunter’s home.

Kazakh Tazy Tazy was very valuable dog in the East already in the ancient times. Muslim people truly distinguish Tazy from other dogs stating that they are dirty animals. It was even honored too much letting Tazy to stay at master’s home with other people.

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Culture shock

Culture Shock The term, culture shock, was introduced for the first time in 1958 to describe the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment. This term expresses the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new

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Culture of Kazakhstan

A Yurtais transportable collapsible dwelling that came to us from ancient times. It consists of wooden framework, covered with felt. The framework ( kerege ) forms walls of the dwelling made of latticed wooden poles uyuk - long wooden poles serve as a рекомендует:

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