The Cultural Heritage of the Kazakh Nation

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It was the reason for their hard feelings. Herdsman tried to find out what is lying inside the burrow and he was shocked. Among just born ducklings there was a little puppy.

He accurately put out the dog and wrapping him into shawl he galloped in the way of his aul with the wonderful discovery. The family of this man looked after and lavish care upon this puppy, they even shared a last piece of meat and feed him with warm milk. He was growing so fast that from fat and clumsy puppy he became beautiful and swift Tazy.

From this point onwards his house filled with happiness. Whatever he did and whatever he got down he was always lucky. In the rest out of his work time he usually went to hunting with his true friend Tazy.

He really pleasured with the indefatigability of the dog. He was faster than wind in the vast expanses of steppe and no other can be as quicker as Tazy. He caught all fast animals and even beautiful bustard bird that could not fly up in spite of that fact that bustard is able to run and fly very rapidly.

From the fell of fox man’s wife sewed fur-caps for her family, they sell the meat of caught antelope and rabbits making living out of this business. After that they started live happy and nourishing resulting with many friends. In the weekends his friends always came to him and get fun of hunting.

Everybody tried to boast of their ability to hunt and competed with each other’s boldness. Some of them brought really good greyhound Tazy and others brought golden eagles on their feather glove. And entertainment for them was so interesting.

But herdsman did not participate in such kind of cheerful fun. He was just hospitable man and good company for his guests.

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Culture shock

Culture Shock The term, culture shock, was introduced for the first time in 1958 to describe the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment. This term expresses the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new

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Culture of Kazakhstan

A Yurtais transportable collapsible dwelling that came to us from ancient times. It consists of wooden framework, covered with felt. The framework ( kerege ) forms walls of the dwelling made of latticed wooden poles uyuk - long wooden poles serve as a рекомендует:

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