The Cultural Heritage of the Kazakh Nation

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Introduction The legend of Tazy On the South part of Kazakhstan there is peculiar bird called red duck. Kazakh people call it “It Ala Kaz” which is translated as dog – variegated goose. And kazakh people from the ancient times have legend about these bird and local dog – greyhound, which is called “The sacred gift of Allah.

” It happened so many years ago and nobody knows when exactly. But still everybody heard about the story of Tazy, it passed from generation to generation. At that distant time our lands were widely stretching, saxaul were growing, and flock of sheep and horses were rambling.

It was beautiful time. Then kazakh people lead a nomad’s life moving from one place to another with their trim yurts. Already at that time there was a popular belief that very rarely may be once per hundreds years in the eggs of duck was born not just duckling as in other eggs, but the kazakh Tazy.

And it was considered as a lucky thing that not everyone can get it. There was one poor kazakh man. Through the whole year from winter to summer he worked at steppe pasturing flock.

It really was matter to him whether it is cold weather or hot, because he was so diligent. And his life was monotonous. But once upon a time a wolf rushed in to the flock and made of with the best sheep.

He asked his son to look after the flock of sheep and then he saddled the horse and went to follow after the wolf. Searching process lasted for the whole day till the late evening. As sunset showed up on the horizon he decided to put his horse to graze and fell asleep under the tree.

When there was still twilight in the steppe and rabbits jumped on the ground, he waked up from the voice of some bird. He opened his eyes and saw two ducks that were crying to him and were very alarmed with something. In turned out, it was blasted burrow with ducks’ eggs next to him.

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Culture shock

Culture Shock The term, culture shock, was introduced for the first time in 1958 to describe the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment. This term expresses the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new

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Culture of Kazakhstan

A Yurtais transportable collapsible dwelling that came to us from ancient times. It consists of wooden framework, covered with felt. The framework ( kerege ) forms walls of the dwelling made of latticed wooden poles uyuk - long wooden poles serve as a рекомендует:

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