"Christmas stories" by Charles Dickens

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burning and drowning of the old women who were suspected in diablerie. This is typical sample for Dickens to outplay the history humorously and also characteristic example of his culinary aspect of humor at all. That is what we read about the prosecution of the witches in this story Windsor was very little town in that time, but it was possible to guess that this town also did not avoid the general infection, raged in all over the England.

In the birthday of a king, Windsor people welded one witch in a boiler and sent one bottle of this broth to the king with the congratulation addressing. The king, little bit scared of this gift, submissively gave it to the archbishop of Canterbury and answered to the congratulation with the message, where he explained golden rules of catching the witches and so on. In the absolute grotesque- culinary aspect treated the theme of the suicide here we can not talk about the serious treatment of the suicide, but about the anecdotic meaning in the history , told to Pickwick by Sam Weller.

This story is about a gentleman, owner of the sausage factory, whose wife tormented him, and he ran into melancholy and throws himself into the sausage machine and was made to the sausages. His wife had no idea about this accident and though that he went away to America, for this reason she published newspaper advertisements addressing to his husband to make him come back and that she forgave him everything. But when suddenly one unfamiliar gentleman came to her and told that he found the button in the sausage and when she recognized that this is button of her husbands trousers, she understood the frightening truth .

And that time, the grotesque humor of Charles Dickens does not destroy plausibility of the happenings. Emphasized, naked fantastic of the Christmas stories both humorous and pathetic nevertheless, maintains .

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Christmas in Britain

Christmas IN Britan Christmas Day , December 25,is probablythe most popular holiday in Great Britan. It is a family holiday. Traditionallyall relatives and friends give each other presents. So before Christmas all the department stores and shopsare crowded, everybody is choosing a present.

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George Orwell

George Orwell It is the history of a revolution that went wrong and of the excellent excuses that were forthcoming at every step for the perversion of the original doctrine , wrote Orwell in the original blurb for the first edition of Animal Farm in 1945.

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Friendship never ends

o learn how to win friends, study the technique of the greatest winner of friends the world has ever known. You may meet him tomorrow coming down the street. When you get within ten feet of him he ll begin to wag his tail. If you stop and pat him he ll

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