"Christmas stories" by Charles Dickens

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Idyll of Dickens, expelled from the sphere of big social laws, appears too correlated with the insignificant events of family life, getting meaning and sense by the subjective perception of the participants of this event. Miracles of this idyll - is the miracles of the small world with its dissolution about daily life cares and psychological microscopis Dickens such a realist that he describes that the manufacturer is not able to feel sorry for the working mans misfortune, when he acts as the businessman on official reason. And some operator, coming to the poor mans home for personal reason , and feeling atmosphere of love, mutual understanding and support dominating there, can suddenly be moved, and change even for a time, even for a night refuse his operational essence.

The author attributes to this domestic ideology special, all-conquering authority. He searches for the means among the oppressors of the modern capitalism, which could unite poor men with the rich man, serving as the bridge to them from the other, gloomy world. Some characters of the human Dickens wanted to announce as common for all people, as the humanist of the last century.

Dickens can not do this in the field of the wide social question, because in the XIX century it was already appeared and formed as class ideology. The questions of common outlook, life philosophy, conscience or honour of bourgeois or poor man will be defined completely differently in Dickens, and author will emphasize that differentiation. But some nuances of similarity, some of the opportunity of rapprochement he will try to find in all people.

This is secondary for society, but nevertheless, Dickens uses it as the basis of his utopia of the human unification. This basis - is sentimental ideology of the family.

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Christmas in Britain

Christmas IN Britan Christmas Day , December 25,is probablythe most popular holiday in Great Britan. It is a family holiday. Traditionallyall relatives and friends give each other presents. So before Christmas all the department stores and shopsare crowded, everybody is choosing a present.

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George Orwell

George Orwell It is the history of a revolution that went wrong and of the excellent excuses that were forthcoming at every step for the perversion of the original doctrine , wrote Orwell in the original blurb for the first edition of Animal Farm in 1945.

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Friendship never ends

o learn how to win friends, study the technique of the greatest winner of friends the world has ever known. You may meet him tomorrow coming down the street. When you get within ten feet of him he ll begin to wag his tail. If you stop and pat him he ll

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