"Christmas stories" by Charles Dickens

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issue novel publications. And he has found - all over again in Christmas stories and amateur performance, then editorial work, and soon - in public readings of his compositions. The listed art impulses were not always realized by Charles Dickens, more often he was urged on with material reasons and crave of public work, he was never given to one thing, especially to the detriment of his novels.

And only one sphere of his creative activity had the direct connection with his artistic world - Christmas Stories . Walter Dexter - The Letters by Charles Dickens. 3 vol London, 1938 The idea about first of them, Christmas Songs , came to his mind in grandiose meeting in Manchester where, acting together with Disraeli and others, he stated his conviction that the education is capable to serve the sanction of all social problems in England.

He has created Song during the night walks across London streets, when he still was writing Martin Chuzzlewit . This thing has been conceived to return the arrangement of the reader depressed with the failure of his novels. In Christmas days, 1843, Song published in excellent edition, with the illustrations of the well-known artist, a good friend of Charles Dickens John Leach.

The successes of the enterprise, direct reaction of readers have convicted him of necessity to continue the started business. The next year, he printed The Chimes illustrated by his friends-artists. And then, excluding 1847, extremely intense because of work on the novel Dombey and Son , he annually published one Christmas story The Cricket on the Heart , Battle of Life , etc - the last one published in 1848.

Becoming the editor of Household Words and till his death, Dickens Charles frequently included in Christmas Number specially written story even if it is not on a Christmas theme at all. Among these later Christmas stories there are a lot of interesting biographical .

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Christmas in Britain

Christmas IN Britan Christmas Day , December 25,is probablythe most popular holiday in Great Britan. It is a family holiday. Traditionallyall relatives and friends give each other presents. So before Christmas all the department stores and shopsare crowded, everybody is choosing a present.

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George Orwell

George Orwell It is the history of a revolution that went wrong and of the excellent excuses that were forthcoming at every step for the perversion of the original doctrine , wrote Orwell in the original blurb for the first edition of Animal Farm in 1945.

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Friendship never ends

o learn how to win friends, study the technique of the greatest winner of friends the world has ever known. You may meet him tomorrow coming down the street. When you get within ten feet of him he ll begin to wag his tail. If you stop and pat him he ll

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