The Taming of the Shrew

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present also another newly married pair. Lucentio, Bianca's husband, and Hortensio, the other new married man, could not be kept from jesting at Petruchio, and they hint at the shrewish disposition of Petruchio's wife, and these grooms seemed high pleased with the mild tempers of the ladies they had chosen, laughing at Petruchio for his less fortunate choice. Petruchio took little notice of their jokes.

And he offered a dispute in order to find out whose wife was more obedient. The other two husbands willingly agreed, for they were quite sure that their gentle wives would prove more obedient than the Katharine. Lucentio was first who sent his servant to Bianca, but the servant returned, and said, that she refused to come.

And then it was Hortensio's turn to send for his wife. But the servant turned without mistress. And at last Petruchio’s turn came; he had sent the servant to his wife Company had practically no time to think she would not obey her husband, when Baptista, and all in amaze saw Katharine entering the room.

And to the wonder of all present, the reformed shrewish lady spoke about duty of obedience wife, as she had practiced it implicitly in a ready submission to Petruchio's will. And Katharine became famous in Padua, not as Katharine the Shrew, but as Katharine the most obedient and duteous wife in Padua. My opinion.

"The Taming of the Shrew " is one of the earliest comedies of Shakespeare. I like this comedy very much. It is evident, that it was written by a young, cheerful man.

It is the real comedy, which is full of lively situations and funny dialogues. It is very pleasant to recollect my first sensation from the scene 5 (the 4-th act), where Катарина and Petruchio came back to Baptista's home for a wedding feast. It seems to me that I could not stop laughing in a loud voice for a very long time.

The action in a comedy develops very dynamically. .

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My Duties about the house

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Биография Вильяма Шекспира (SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM), подробный обзор его творчества.

Учебный материал Российской Коллекции Рефератов с 1996 Shakespeare, William Shakespeare the man LIFE Although the amount of factual knowledge available about Shakespeare is surprisingly рекомендует:

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