The Taming of the Shrew

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Petruchio, told that he would instantly carry his wife home, and they would not be present at this feast. Petruchio mounted his wife upon a miserable horse, which was lean and lank, and they went on. After a weary journey, during which Katharine had heard nothing but the ravings of Petruchio, they arrived at his house.

Petruchio welcomed her kindly to her new home, but he decided that she should have neither rest nor food that night. The tables were spread, and supper soon served; but Petruchio, pretending to find every dish not suitable to eat, threw the meat about the floor, and ordered the servants to remove it away; and all this he did, as he said, in love for his Katharine, that she might not eat meat that was not well cooked. And when Katharine, weary and hungry decided to rest, he found the same fault with the bed, throwing the pillows and bedclothes about the room, so that she was forced to sit down in a chair, where she felt asleep, she was awakened by the loud voice of her husband, shouting at the servants for the bad-making of his wife's wadding-bed.

The next day Petruchio still speaking kind words to Katharine did not give her chance to eat, throwing the breakfast on the floor as he had done with the supper; and Katharine was forced to beg the servants to bring her secretly a food; but they being instructed by Petruchio, refused to do this. At this day Petruchio decided to return to Batista’s house and feast there. On all way Petruchio continued to tame Katharine.

On a road they had met an old man. Then Petruchio knew that old gentleman, he was the father of Lucentio, a young gentleman who was to be married to Baptista's younger daughter, Bianca, and he made Vincentio very happy, by telling him about that rich marriage of his son and they all journeyed together to Baptista's house, where there was a large company assembled to celebrate the wedding, Baptista had willingly agreed to the marriage of Bianca when he had got Katharine off his hands. When they entered, Baptista welcomed them to the wedding feast, and there was .

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My Duties about the house

My Duties about the house. My name is I am 17 years old. I havealready finished my school. There are four people inmy family mymother, my father, my brother andmyself. We have a two-room flat. There is alvaysmuch work in the house. There is alvays much work inthe garden near the summer-cottage.

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Биография Вильяма Шекспира (SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM), подробный обзор его творчества.

Учебный материал Российской Коллекции Рефератов с 1996 Shakespeare, William Shakespeare the man LIFE Although the amount of factual knowledge available about Shakespeare is surprisingly рекомендует:

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