The Taming of the Shrew

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mild behavior, he had come from Verona to solicit her lovely. Her father warned Petruchio that Katharine would be not happy to hear such news, but being glad to get Katharine married, he answered that he would give her twenty thousand crowns for her dowry, and half his estate after his death; so this contract was quickly agreed, and Baptista went to inform his shrewish daughter of such an offer, and sent her to Petruchio to talk to him. At the same time Petruchio discussed with himself the mode of courtship he should followed.

Katharine would did not like the set of things, she in loud and angry terms had showed him how justly she had got the name of Shrew, while he still was praising her in sweet words. And when Baptista entered, Petruchio told him that his daughter had met him kindly, and that she had promised to be married the next Sunday. Katharine answered that she would rather see him hanged on Sunday, and reproached her father for wishing to wed her to such a mad person as Petruchio.

Petruchio asked her father not to pay attention to her angry words, for they had agreed that she should seem reluctant before him, but that when they were alone he had found her very fond and loving. On the Sunday all the wedding guests were assembled, but they waited long before Petruchio came, and Katharine even cried of disappointment and thought that Petruchio had been only jesting at her. At last, however, he appeared; but he did not bring any wedding dress which he promised to Katharine, and he was dressed himself not like a groom, but as tramp.

Petruchio could not be persuaded to change his dress; he said Katharine was to be married to him, and not to his clothes. They went to church. Baptista had organized a marriage feast, but when everybody returned from church,.

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My Duties about the house

My Duties about the house. My name is I am 17 years old. I havealready finished my school. There are four people inmy family mymother, my father, my brother andmyself. We have a two-room flat. There is alvaysmuch work in the house. There is alvays much work inthe garden near the summer-cottage.

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Биография Вильяма Шекспира (SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM), подробный обзор его творчества.

Учебный материал Российской Коллекции Рефератов с 1996 Shakespeare, William Shakespeare the man LIFE Although the amount of factual knowledge available about Shakespeare is surprisingly рекомендует:

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