Modern English literature

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New writers also appeared. D. M.

Thomas blended fiction with actual events and famous people in The White Hotel (1981). John Fowles combined adventure and mystery in such novels as The French Lieutenant's Woman (1969), Muriel Spark's novels, such as The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961) and The Only Problem (1984), are often comic but with disturbing undertones. Perhaps the three leading English writers are graham Greene, Iris Murdoch and Agatha Christie, that is read and loved not only in her native country.

Graham Greene Graham Greene is one of the most outstanding novelists of modern English literature. He is talented and sincere, but at the same time his world outlook is characterised by sharp contradictions. Greene's novels deal with real life burning problems.

His observations are concentrated on the actual details of poverty and misery. The author penetrates into weak spots in the capitalist world, does not try to find out the reasons for the evil he sees. Social conditions are shown only as a background to his novels.

Neither does he try to comprehend the causes of spiritual crises experienced by his contemporaries. Decadent motives are to be found in his novels, though he does not lead the reader away from reality into the world of dreams and fantasy, and in most of novels he reveals the truth of life. Life of Graham Greene Graham Greene was born in 1904.

He was educated at an English School, the head-master of which was his father. His childhood was not at all happy; he describes this period of his life as "…something associated with violence, cruelty, evil across the way". In 1922 Greene became a student of Balliol College,.

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English Literature

Саша Лукашевич, Брест, ин-яз Email sashaluck English Literature in the 20-30s of the XX c. The century is characterized by great diversity of artistic values methods. This age had a great impact on the literary process. Variety of social, ethic aesthetic attitudes. рекомендует:

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