Modern English literature

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In her four novels Miss Murdoch falls between both camps; the result is that her novels fail to coalesce as either one or the other. Agatha Christie The woman who has become one of the most popular and prolific of all English detective novelists, Agatha Christie (1891-1976), largely, it would seem, by virtue of the skilfully engineered complexity of her plots. Once, after reading in a magazine that she was that she was 'the world's most mysterious woman Agatha Christie complained to her agent: " What do they suggest I am!

A Bank Robber or a Bank Robber's wife? I am an ordinary successful hard-working author – like any other author. " Her success was not exactly ordinary.

She produced nearly 90 novels and collections of stories in a lifetime that spanned 85 years. One of her plays, The Mousetrap, opened in London in 1952 and is still running. The Life and Creative Activity She refined and left a lasting imprint on the detective formula.

An "Agatha Christie" became a shorthand description for an unadomed display of crime unmasked by perceptive and relentless logic. She dared readers to outwit her, and few resisted the challenge. Shortly after her death in 1976, one estimate put the world-wide sale of her books at 40 million copies.

Given such glittering evidence and the clues provided by her fiction, a mystique was bound to develop around the one whodunit: Agatha the enchantress, the proper Englishman with a power to murder and create. When she insisted that the truth was far less exotic, armchair sleuths who had been trained by her books recognised a false lead when they saw one. She was right, of course, as this biography, Agatha Christie, the first written with the blessings of Christie's heirs and estate, conclusively proves.

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English Literature

Саша Лукашевич, Брест, ин-яз Email sashaluck English Literature in the 20-30s of the XX c. The century is characterized by great diversity of artistic values methods. This age had a great impact on the literary process. Variety of social, ethic aesthetic attitudes. рекомендует:

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