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Julia to have another maid. But Julia paid no attention to his dissatisfaction. She was content to have Evie as her maid and dresser, she only wanted Evie to break herself of the habit of sniffing all the time.

Evie was a skilful maid, she had never let Julia down. She had the courage to say to Julia’s face what she thought of her. It amused Julia greatly.

Portion IV. 1. Julia had a lot of acquaintances among aristocrats.

As she was such a famous actress, they made much of her and went out of their way to be nice to her. She could boast of the fact that she could call some duchesses by their first names. The papers often put pictures where Julia was photographed at week-end parties among a number of aristocratic persons.

It was good publicity. But at the bottom of her heart, Julia had a profound contempt for the great ladies and noble lords, because they lived in idleness and she was an artist. When she had a chance, she was glad to put them in their place.

She laughed at these smart women up her sleeve, because they were dazzled by her glamour and had no idea of how unromantic the life of a successful actress was and the hard work it entailed. 2. Charles Tamerley was Julia’s best friend.

He had such exquisite manners, that one could see at once, how well-bred he was. He was an amateur of the arts and well-read. Before meeting Charles, Julia had been completely ignorant.

He took her to museums, imparted information to her. Julia had a good memory and soon she could pass for a cultured woman as she was able to talk about literature and art. Julia couldn’t help but be conscious of how much she owed to him.

Yet, his love of art filled her with a faint derision. After all, she was a creator and he was only a spectator. 3.

Julia took Charles fancy twenty years ago and he had been madly in love with her ever since. When finally he plucked up the courage to make a declaration of love, Julia got into his head that there was nothing doing.

Курсовая Краеведение и этнография 04.03.2009

Тульский театр в XIX в. – начале XX в.

… … ….…….………2 1.Тульский театр драмы Xviii- начало XIX века… …….……….5 2.Тульский театр драмы конец XIX века… …….….….… ….14 3.Тульский театр драмы начало XX века… ……….….… ….17 4.Заключение….….…… 25 5.Список используемой литературы… …….26 Введение Xviii век для России был переходным моментом.

Курсовая Педагогика 20.02.2009

Удосконалення естетичного виховання засобам залучення старших дошкільників до...

Міністерство освіти і науки України Хмельницький гуманітарно-педагогічний інститут На правах рукопису кафедри музично-теоретичних дисцип-лін Дипломна Робота на здобуття освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня „бакалавр” на тему „Удосконалення Естетичного Виховання

Реферат Русская литература 11.09.2008

Театр времен Сумарокова

стр.3 II. Театр и драматургия первых десятилетий Xviii века стр.3 III. Жизненный путь Сумарокова стр.6 IV. Театр в 1730 – 1760 годах. Основание русского театра. стр.9 V. Вклад Сумарокова в развитие русского театра. стр.12 VI. Заключение. стр.14 VII. Список литературы стр.

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