Government and Politics

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(pluralist view). Even presidents of the United States have acknowledged that they felt more comfortable making decisions either in the area of foreign policy (Richard Nixon) or in the area of domestic policy (Lyndon Johnson). Moreover, the post-World War II period has seen increasing power vested in the federal government (elite model).

But, even within the federal bureaucracy, there are a staggering number of agencies with differing ideas and interests (pluralist model). We can end this discussion with the one common point of the elite and pluralist perspectives— power in the American political system is unequally distributed. All citizens may be equal in theory, yet those high in the nation’s power structure are "more equal.

" SUMMARY Each society must have a political system in order to have recognized procedures for the allocation of valued resources—in Harold D. Lasswell’s terms, for deciding who gets what, when, and how. We have examined various types of political authority and forms of government and explores the dimensions of the American political system.

1. Power relations can involve large organizations, small groups, or even individuals in an intimate relationship. 2.

There are three basic sources of power within any political system — force, influence, and authority. 3. Max Weber provided ( e of the most useful and frequently cited contributions of early sociology by identifying three ideal types of authority: traditional, legal-rational, and charismatic.

4. The United States, as a society which values the role of law, has legally defined limits on the power of government. 5.

In the 1980s, monarchies hold genuine governmental power in only a few nations of the world. 6. Today, oligarchy often takes the form of military rule, although the .

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