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in the sense of a periodical for entertainment. Famous American periodicals include Godey's Lady's Book (1830-98), edited by Sarah J. Hale and famous for its colored fashion prints; the Atlantic Monthly (1857-) and Harper's Magazine (1850-), both noted for serious essays and fiction; the extremely popular Saturday Evening Post (1821-1971) and Ladies' Home Journal (1883-); McClure's Magazine (1893-1928), which published many articles by the Muckrakers; and The New Yorker (1925-) known for its urbane humor and high literary standards.

Specialized magazines include the news magazines Time (1923-) and Newsweek (1933-); the National Geographic Magazine (1888-), devoted to natural history and anthropology; Ebony (1946-), a picture weekly directed toward African Americans; Playboy (1953-) and other periodicals devoted to sex and sexuality; Ms. (1972-), a forum for the women's liberation movement; and the zany, satirical National Lampoon (1970-). Computer advances have made possible the delivery of magazine articles through on-line services and have begun to spawn entirely electronic periodicals, such as The Online Journal of Current Critical Trials (1992-), a professional medical journal.

RADIO The first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts in the U. S. began in 1920.

The sale of advertising began in 1922, establishing commercial broadcasting as an industry. A coast-to-coast hookup began early in 1924, and expansion of both audience and transmission facilities continued rapidly. Radio is generally the first of news media to report a local story or a news service bulletin.

A radio announcer can interrupt a programme with a news flash as soon as the .

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Media in the world

Mass media is a comprehensive term embracing television, radio, motion pictures, and large-circulation newspapers and magazines. It refers to much more than the journalistic aspects of the instruments of popular communication. The mass media often function

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Mass media

Mass media Is a comprehensive term embracingtelevision, radio, motion pictures, and large-circulation newspapers andmagazines. It refers to much more than the journalistic aspects of theinstruments of popular communication. The mass media often function рекомендует:

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