Portuguese emigration after World War II

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France. Deteriorating economic conditions and mass return migration from the former colonies undoubtedly increased migratory pressure in this period; annual average departures, however, fell from 122,000 per year between 1968 and 1975 to 22,000 per year between 1976 and 1988. Economic factors alone cannot explain the contraction in flows in the latter period.

Restrictive migratory policies in the traditional recipient countries and the lack of sizable migratory networks functioning in other destinations left potential migrants temporarily without alternatives. Portuguese scholars wrote the obituary for Portuguese emigration to Europe in 1985 at an international meeting called “Portugal and Europe: The End of a Migratory Cycle. ” Amadeu Paiva, Portugal e a Europa.

O fim de um ciclo migratуrio (Lisbon: IED-CEDEP, 1985). It was too soon, however. Indeed, Portuguese emigration to Europe is, once again, a significant phenomenon.

In fact, a new European migratory cycle, this time mainly directed to Switzerland, took off during the 80's. Just between 1986 and 1993 more than 117,000 Portuguese permanent immigrants entered that country. See the publications by Baganha cited in note I; and Baganha and Joгo Peixoto, “Trends in the `90s: The Portuguese Migratory Experience” in, Immigration in Southern Europe Maria I.

Baganha (ed. ), Oieras, Celta, 1997:15-40. It should come as no surprise if in some years' time, we see the Portuguese landscape enriched with a new set of houses, perhaps labeled Swiss houses.

When they appear, they will once again give evidence of Portugal's most constant modern historical phenomenon: emigration. TABLE 10. 6 Portuguese Emigration by Destination, 1950-1988 Brazil USA Canada Total Overseas France Germany Other .

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