Rise of sociology as an intellectual tradition. Classical tradition in sociology of the XIX century

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Название документа: Rise of sociology as an intellectual tradition. Classical tradition in sociology of the XIX century . MINISTERY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Belarus State Economic University REFERAT: «Rise of sociology as an intellectual tradition.

Classical tradition in sociology of the XIX century» Minsk 1. Rise of sociology as an intellectual tradition Since ancient times man has been interested in issues of his own living among other people. Why do people try to join living with other people, not without?

What makes them fix borders, form separate states and struggle with each other? Why do some people possess all benefits, others are deprived of them? Searching for answers to these questions forced ancient thinkers to focus their attention on man and the society where he lives in.

Emergence of sociology is obliged to the concept “society”, its theoretical development and use in practice. Attempts to comprehend optimal ways of governing, social order, people's effective activities were first made by ancient Chinese and Indian philosophers. Antique philosophers made their contribution by suggesting new ideas which are now considered fundamentals of sociology.

For instance, Plato and Aristotle developed a doctrine of human and the society; their works initiated studies of certain social institutions such as the state, family and law. Following the principle of social division of labour, Plato (427-347 BC) created a first in the world theory of stratification according to which the society is divided into three classes: higher class consisting of wise men who govern the state; middle class or warriors who defend the society from disorder, and lower class consisting of craftsmen and peasants. Anyway, in his theory there was no place for slaves whose destiny was hard work considered as unworthy by free citizens.

Aristotle considered middle class a foot-hold of order. To his mind, the state is better governed if egoistic interests of the rich are limited, the poor are .


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