Social stratification and social inequality

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and income worked here as clearly defined. As for the political elite, these parameters were power and, to some extent, income which enabled to define the political elite as the middle class, as for the economic elite - mainly income. As for prestige, the rich couldn't be defined by this parameter as most of them got money by robbing the society and sometimes by crimes.

As for education, the political elite are university graduates, but only few of the economic elite (the so called “new Belarusians”) can have boasted having university diplomas. It means that in the Republic of Belarus characteristics of the middle class were less defined as compared to highly developed countries. But over the last three years a tendency of increasing monthly wages and salaries has been observed in the country.

The income of the population is gradually increasing that together with the results of various socio-economic reforms undertaken in the Republic of Belarus may soon lead to changing the structural matrix of social stratification of its society. BASIC CONCEPTS Aggregated socio-economic status - a person's position and place in the society; a generalized parameter of stratification. Economic stratification - a form of stratification when the focus is on the wealthy and the poor.

Horizontal social mobility - movements from one social position to another situated on the same level. Income - amount of money a person or family makes for a definite period of time (month or year). Lumpens - people who are completely discarded by the society.

Occupational stratification - a form of stratification if members of the society are differentiated into various occupational groups and some of these occupations are deemed more honorable than others, or if occupations are internally divided between those who give orders and those who receive orders. Political stratification - a form of stratification when social ranks in a society are hierarchically .

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