Social stratification and social inequality

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Название документа: Social stratification and social inequality . MINISTERY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Belarus State Economic University REFERAT: «SOCIAL STRATIFICATION AND SOCIAL INEQUALITY» Minsk 2008 Understanding of social stratification and social inequality The grouping of people together is as old as the society itself. Racial grouping is one way that societies have done this, the example is the American South before the US civil war.

Religion is another way if parts of Northern Ireland until the 1960s are meant. One common way is through the caste system to be found in India. Here, social differentiation is stressed by the caste that each individual is born into, for instance, the Brahmin caste is the top caste and the untouchables are the bottom caste.

Caste membership in this life is the result of good or bad conduct in the previous life. In any medieval country, the feudal system of land ownership meant that the nobility of land owners, with its sense of family tradition, privilege and knightly conduct became the dominant ruling group. Social stratification is the dividing of a society into levels or strata based on wealth or power.

It is regarded quite differently by the principal perspectives of sociology. Proponents of structural functionalism suggest that since social stratification exists in all societies, a hierarchy must be beneficial in helping to stabilize their existence. Conflict theorists emphasize the inaccessibility of resources and lack of social mobility in many stratified societies.

Anyway, all theorists share the opinion that social stratification has to do with inequality. Social inequality refers to the distribution of material wealth in a society.

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