Society as a system

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and existence of such diasporas as the Italian or Jewish ones with their own norms, traditions, customs and native language is a good proof. It's a common knowledge that the Jews who migrated from the former USSR don't speak English although they use some casual expressions. In reality, American culture is an aggrerate of subcultures bound into a whole by political and legislative powers.

The other debated criterion is that of political independence. An argument against is that ancient ethnoses with highly developed culture like Armenia, Georgia that lived on the territory of the USSR had no political indpendence but existed as Union republics. An extended list of the society's attributes was given by another American sociologist Edward Shils (1910-1995): · association is not part of a larger system; · marriages are made between members of the given association; · association is physically replenished mainly with children of its recognized representatives; · association exists within its own territory; · it has its own name and history; · it possesses its own system of ruling; · its existence is longer than the average duration of life of its members; · it is linked with a common system of values (customs, traditions, norms, laws, rules etc.

) called culture. The given criteria prove that both modern states with the population of hundreds of millions of citizens and ancient tribes that occupied the territory of a district in a contemporary city can comply with them. Each of them has its own blood-kinship system (entering into marriage and receiving new members), territory, name, culture, history, system of ruling and it's not part of another association.

However, in recent years a philosophic perspective to think of the .

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Under the post-modern onslaught, all boundaries and distinctions rapidly fall. Some of the losses associated with the collapse of traditional distinctions have been trivial, but others have been earthshaking, and there seems to be no way to distinguish between the two in a post-modern context. рекомендует:

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