Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

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of a person or social object in the horizontal direction. Vertical mobility is a transition of a person or a social object from one social stratum to another which is accompanied with noticeable changes in his or its characteristics. One more problem P.

A. Sorokin tried to solve is that of social equality. He considered necessary to provide an individual with as much material and spiritual wealth as much socially useful labour he invested (or by his merit).

The egalitarian system of any society (social equality) suggests everybody's equality to be subject to law, equal rights to occupy public posts, equal political rights (as those of freedom of speech, conscious, union etc. ) and equal rights to education. Though P.

A. Sorokin had a lasting influence on methods and theory in social sciences and his views were respected, academic conflicts affected his career. His professional interactions also brought him into conflict with Talcott Parsons.

He set himself in direct opposition to both the Chicago School and Social Darwinism, considering them too philosophical and too unconcerned with real-world issues. Social conflict theory. Conflict theory is an extension of the sociological theory that discusses various social issues leading to conflict in any society.

Numerous theorists worked on different issues and provided their conflict theory, which is directly or indirectly related to the society. Conflict theory was elaborated, for instance, in Britain by M. Gluckman and J.

Rex, in the USA by Ch. Mills, L. Coser and R.

Collins, and in Germany (later the UK) by R. Dahrendorf, all of them being more or less influenced by K. Marx, L.

Gumplovicz, V. Pareto, G. Simmel and other founder fathers of European sociology.

Social conflict is a confrontation of social powers. So, conflict theory is related to the society and organization whereby each individual participates with his group in the struggle to maximize its benefit to bring any social change in the society.

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Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье

Курсовая работа на тему «Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье» Пьер Бурдье (01.08.1930 – 23.01.2002) – основатель новой социологической школы во Франции, самый известный за пределами своей страны французский социолог, создатель теории социального поля и теории...

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Американский период творчества П.А. Сорокина

стр.1 П.А. Сорокин жизнь и судьба стр.6 Истоки философских и общесоциологических взглядов П.А. Сорокина, стр.16 целостность и единство его научного творчества русского и американского периодов. Направления научной деятельности П.А. Сорокина стр.20 американского рекомендует:

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