Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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Almost all largest groups of insurgents-terrorists rely on delivery of drugs carried out in this or that form as on a method of reception of necessary means. In addition to it, drug traffic is connected with illegal delivery of the weapon and other forms of contraband. The list of the organisations such, undoubtedly, is headed by Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (РВСК) and the National liberation army (НОА), become, apparently, the sample for imitation, and other terrorist groups including groups of Islamite having religious motivation, follow today their example.

So, the talib mode in Afghanistan allowed to operate in the territory Ben Laden and to other terrorists, encouraged drug traffic and got from it profit. Some Islamic extremists consider drugs business as the weapon against the West and one of sources of incomes for financing of the activity. Other groups, wishing to use "drugs-dollars", "Sendero Luminoso" («the Light way») in Peru, the Kurdish workers' party (РКК) to Turkey, "Hezbollah" in Lebanon, «Tigers of clearing of Tamila» in republic Sri Lanka, the Irish republican army (ИРА) in Great Britain, Incorporated army of the state Va in Burma, various extremist both terrorist groups and terrorists-singles in the USA are.

Drug traffic provides receipt from the USA and Europe huge riches in some regions of Latin America, Asia and Middle East. In effect, drugs give the chance to subsidise activity of terrorist groups worldwide. Conclusion The problem of consumption of drugs gets global and more and more menacing character.

Drugs business to some extent can be compared to the international terrorism, and unique distinction between them consists only that terrorists destroy people in arms, and drugs businessmen kill and will cripple human lives, using narcotics. Growth of manufacture and spread of drug addiction in the world speaks following reasons: *In the conditions of political and economic integration, development of international .

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