Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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Brecher, Edward. The Consumer Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs. N.

Y 2009 Drug business transnationalization, its offensive strategy on a threshold of second millennium are in many respects connected by that to the traditional reasons generating it malicious (poverty, the political hopelessness, social disorder, alienation of millions people), were in the nineties added the new factors accompanying globalisation financial, bank, trading, technological, information and other areas of human activity. These factors, on the one hand, are reflected in a way of life of the person, and with another - open new possibilities for businessmen of drug business. And these new possibilities are reflected as in structure and ways of manufacture drugs, and on ways of delivery, trade, consumption.

By approximate calculations, for today worldwide over 200 million persons are on drugs a various kind. Including about 140 million people smoke marihuana - the most widespread drug, cocaine use 13 million people, and heroin - 8 million, 30 million people's abuse stimulators amphetamine. The quantity of consumers of drugs increases every year and basically at the expense of defeat by drugs of the most vulnerable part of the population - youth.

In some countries the number of schoolboys and full age young men which, by own recognition, tried to consume marihuana, makes 37 %. Along with it the tendency of expansion of activity of the international criminal groupings was outlined. Thanks to the international character and a market basis drug business faster, than legal business, reacts to these changes, using globalisation for expansion of a drug network and expansion in all directions.

In an active of drug businessmen all advantages of shadow economy - tax free, absence of control, concentration of huge capitals, network international structure of the .

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