Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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in which the last are put in international trade system, interfere with their normal economic progress and realisation of the possibilities given by lawful commercial activity. The choice of illegal ways of business becomes attractive alternative to poverty. In particular, weakness and instability of the markets of agricultural production (to Bolivias, Peru and a number of other countries) were made культивирование by cooks and opium rather favourable employment for local peasants.

Liberalisation of the foreign trade activity. - The economic crises stimulating search of improvement of a financial position by participation in illegal business. Businessmen use there the saved up knowledge and experience of traditional manufactures.

In the conditions of crisis participation in drugs business allows to soften temporarily a problem of employment of a considerable part of the population. In these conditions activity of illegal formations starts to be perceived positively. For example, occurrence of the Colombian cartel as one of the main cocaine centers is caused by reduction of its role as large manufacturer of the textile goods.

Drug dealers have provided alternative employment of a labour, having won thereby liking of local population. Similar loyalty has essential value as complicates work of services of counterespionage for criminals and counteracts productivity of operations of law enforcement bodies. Besides, researchers name the following events which have caused changes in the organisation and activity of the industry of manufacture of drugs, and also manufacture rapid growth last two decades of the XX-th century: - The sharp increase in demand at cocaine in the USA in 80th years, it has led to activization of efforts of the .

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