Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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Absence or imperfection of the legislation or the control of its execution in a combination to a sharp aggravation of social and economic problems is in these conditions the favorable environment for drugs business development. In similar cases the most active people are actively involved in drugs business with the limited financial and economic resources. - Corruption of the governments which members get huge profit on illegal activity and consequently do not undertake any measures for its reduction or restraint.

Distinction between corrupted and entered arrangement to criminals the government consists only in degree of direct participation of its members in drugs business. In a number of the countries, using the corrupted politicians, accomplices in law enforcement bodies, armies, customs, the drug mafia has achieved unlimited influence. In particular, in Bolivia in 80th so-called «drugs cratia» represented, possibly, vivid example of a direct communication of the government with the criminal organisation which was engaged in drug traffic.

Experts assert that it was impossible to draw a distinction between the military Bolivian government and suppliers of drugs. At the same time the state sovereignty in which territory there are similar criminal formations, provides with it reliable protection against attempts of other countries to stop illegal activity, to liquidate the central links and branches of criminal structures. - Increasing demand for the illegal goods.

So, occurrence in the early eighties the Colombian organisations on cocaine contraband partly speaks ultrahigh norm of profitableness of drugs business, ease of overcoming of boundary barriers to import in the USA. - Inequality preservation between industrially developed and developing states, unprofitable position .

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