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61. Do women rights suffer more in violent conflict than men’s (10,94 кБ) Реферат 20.02.2017

The situation of women affected by armed conflict and political violence. The complexity of the human rights in them. Influence of gender element in the destruction of the family and society as a result of hostilities. Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide.

62. Electorate influence on political and social environment: referendums (1232,83 кБ) 20.02.2017

Referendum - a popular vote in any country of the world, which resolved important matters of public life. Usually in a referendum submitted questions, the answers to which are the words "yes" or "no". Especially, forms, procedure of referendums.

63. Eric Voegelin and German political science (0 кБ) 20.09.2010

The origins of the modern spiritual state of European civilization in a book "New science of policy“ of Eric Voegelin. Consideration of totalitarianism as culminations of christian heresy, liberalism, marxism, nazism and modern political doctrines.

64. Evolution of International Systems (16,87 кБ) Реферат 19.04.2011

Q.1. The following statement, stressing that the modern international system exists in conditions of anarchy and a sovereign state is the main figure on the international arena, expresses the basic ideas of realist and constructivist thinkers. I am going

65. Foucault and Habermas on discourse and democracy (0 кБ) 20.09.2010

The problem of modernity as the subject of a continuing debate that revolves around three issues: rationality, subjectivity and the democracy. Jurgen Habermas and Michel Foucault are major figures in this debate. The main tasks of democratic theory.

66. From History and Class Consciousness to The Dialectic of Enlightenment... and Back (0 кБ) 20.08.2010

Georg Lukacs History and Class Consciousness is one of the few authentic events in the history of Marxism. Notion Engels of "dialectics of nature" was crucial for the rejection of the "reflection" theory of knowledge of "dialectical materialism".

67. General concepts of democracy (15,52 кБ) Реферат 06.07.2012

Название документа General concepts of democracy . Philosophy on General Concepts OF Democracy 2009 Democracy is a theoretical number of important, very important qualities that are important for human development is, first, freedom of choice, which allegedly involves choosing the best.

68. Hosny Mubarak – the president of Egypt (0 кБ) Реферат 20.06.2030

Introduction to the biography Hosny Mubarak, who has inherited from Sadat almost monarchic mode isolated in the Arabian world and wallowing in external duties. Contemplation of the hard tasks, which worth today before the president of the Egypt.

69. Imperial ambitions (3418,62 кБ) Книга 20.03.2014

Language is the way we interact and communicate so, naturally, people use the means of communication to try to shape attitudes. The Reagan administration had what was called an Office of Public Diplomacy. Only in the United States do people fear Iraq.

70. International relationships (0 кБ) Реферат 20.12.2007

Regime liberal internationalism. Post-positivist reflectivity theorie. International society theory the english school. Inherent bad faith model in international relations and political psychology. The value of political realism and neoliberalism.

71. Islam in the eyes of the West (22,59 кБ) Реферат 06.07.2012

Название документа Islam in the eyes of the West . 14 Islam in the eyes of the West (essay) The representations prevailing in the West about the Muslim world stem from a complex elaboration process where historical and political factors are intertwined.

72. Lingua Sovetica як феномен культури в тоталітарній державі (0 кБ) 20.09.2012

Феномен політичної культури в тоталітарній державі. Політиколінгвістична трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica. Куркульство як перешкода для соціалізму. Культ особистості чи культ і особистість. Трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica в пострадянські часи.

73. Lustration in Central and Eastern Europe (0 кБ) Реферат 20.05.2012

Lustration as the political form of legitimization of the new state regime. Basic rules of the political rituals of purification. Political system of Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The policy totalitarianism in Russia.

74. Noam Chomsky on Osama Bin Laden&WTC (0 кБ) 20.03.2014

Political characteristic of Bin Laden as A Saudi Arabian millionaire and a militant Islamic leader in the war to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. The horrendous terrorist attacks on Tuesday 11.09.2001 like something quite new in world affairs.

75. Of the Polish political parties and organizations in Vilnius (1919 - 1922 gg.) (17,14 кБ) Реферат 06.07.2012

Название документа Of the Polish political parties and organizations in Vilnius (1919 - 1922 gg.) . Of the Polish political parties and organizations in Vilnius (1919 - 1922 gg.) As a result, the onset of Polish troops in April 1919, Vilna was in the

76. Political party system (136,79 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

Study of legal nature of the two-party system of Great Britain. Description of political activity of conservative party of England. Setting of social and economic policies of political parties. Value of party constitution and activity of labour party.

77. Political science, basic questions (0 кБ) Контрольная 20.04.2002

Determination and history of origin of politics and political science. Constitution, as major and basic политико-правовой normative act. Political system of Great Britain of the USA and Ukraine. Concept of democracy. Basic political leaders of the world.

78. PR на выборах в Верховную Раду Украины 2012 г. Удачи и неудачи предвыборных кампаний (4188,43 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

Сущность политической рекламы, ее функции и цели, средства достижения эффективности. Специфика политической рекламы в США и в Российской Федерации. Специфические черты PR на выборах украинской Верховной Рады, проблемы и успехи предвыборной кампании.

79. PR политических партий в современной России (40,15 кБ) Курсовая 02.04.2009

2 1. Имидж Политика 2 1.1 Политический имидж. Имидж политика 2 1.2 Имидж политического лидера 2 2. PR И Избирательные Компании 2 2.1 Приемы «за» 2 2.2 Приемы «против» 2 2.3 Стратегия и тактика 2 3. Политические Партии И СМИ 2 Заключение 2 Список Используемой

80. PR технологии в борьбе политических партий (98,26 кБ) Диплом 20.02.2017

Сущность PR технологий и политической рекламы. Политические субъекты конкурентной борьбы. Правовое регулирование PR-деятельности в политической сфере. Участие СМИ в формировании имиджа современного политика. Зарубежный опыт регулирования PR технологий.

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