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221. Bases of English grammar (13,43 кБ) Реферат 19.11.2010

I. Insert the right verbs form in Passive voice In more than 200 years the USA Constitution will amend in 26 times. Many accidents are caused by dangerous driving. Football is played for hundred of years. The house will build by a pop star. A cinema is a place where films are shown.

222. Basic English (87,95 кБ) 20.02.2017

The lessons of reading and translation of different texts and word-combinations into Ukrainian. The most frequently used expressions with the verbs to be, to have and sentences with them. Reading and translation the dialogue used in the usual speech.

223. Basic grammatical and lexical-semantic differences between American and British English (34,78 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

The history and reasons for the formation of american english, its status as the multinational language. Its grammatical and lexical-semantic features. Differences in American and English options in the grammar parts of speech, pronunciation and spelling.

224. Basic Transformations in Translation of Sport Discourse (0 кБ) Диплом 20.03.2027

Approaches towards the Typology of Discourses. Characteristics of the Sport Discourse from the Viewpoint of Social Linguistics. Lexical and Grammatical Problems, Problems on Rendering of Player’s and Athletes’ Names, Names of Teams in Translation.

225. Basics of intonation (0 кБ) 20.01.2026

Intonation is a complex unity of speech melody, sentence stress (accent), rhythm, voice qualities (timbre) and speech tempo. The Pitch Component is the variations in the voice pitch which take place when voiced sounds are pronounced in connected speech.

226. Basics of Lexicology (0 кБ) Контрольная 20.01.2024

Lexicology as stimulation of systematic approach to the facts of vocabulary. The internal structure of the word or its meaning and semantic structure. The etymological doublets, their meaning and word-building. Morpheme as a small unit of the word.

227. Beatles, the (150,76 кБ) Реферат 06.02.2008

The Beatles The English ROCK Music group The Beatles gave the 1960s its characteristic musical flavor and had a profound influence on the course of popular music, equaled by few performers. The guitarists John Winston Lennon, Oct. 9, 1940 James Paul McCartney, June 18, 1942 and George Harrison, Feb.

228. Becoming of Great Britain (127,53 кБ) 20.02.2017

United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. Geographical Position of the British Isles. Britannic history. Population of Britain today: The social framework. British political institutions. British national economy. Education in Britain.

229. Before Christmas (7218,59 кБ) 20.12.2028

Christmas Day how a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain. The main tradition and organization of celebration. Christmas trees in houses, in the streets and churches. Turkey with cranberry sauce and plum pudding - a typical lunch.

230. Ben Jonson and his Comedies (62,1 кБ) Диплом 20.02.2017

Ben Johnson is the English poet and dramatist, theorist of drama, one of the most well-educated people of the time. Kick-up success of his comedies. In the works an author ridiculed an aristocracy. Ben Johnson is single in literature of the epoch.

231. Benitto Mussolini as a lider of Italy (8,62 кБ) Реферат 20.02.2017

Benito Mussolini was one of the important and the most interesting figures in Italian history. Short description of his life. Ascension of dictator to power and ideology of fascism for development of economy. His political and military activity.

232. Berlin Zoo (562,8 кБ) Реферат 15.01.2010

Berlin Zoo» Student von 311 gruppe Pahomova A.S. Lehrer Podoljak A.A. Garten DER Attraktionen Der Berliner Zoo liegt als grune Oase im Herzen der City West. Heute ist der Berliner Zoo der artenreichste der Welt. 1844 unter dem Preu?enkonig Friedrich Wilhelm IV.

233. Berufswahl (4,61 кБ) Реферат 24.05.2006

Berufswahl Stunde 10 Kontrolle 1.Ьbersetze die Wortverbindungen ins Ukrainische! a einen Beruf erlernen b einen Beruf wдhlen einen Lebenslauf schreiben in einem Betrieb arbeiten Mechaniker werden sich um einen Studienplatz bewerben ein Fachmann sein Deutschunterricht

234. Beryllium (0 кБ) Реферат 20.11.2013

There are history, etymology, characteristics, production, applications, toxicity (inhalation, ingestion, dermatological effects, effects on children, detection in the body, industrial release and occupational exposure limits) in Summary about beryllium.

235. Beryllium - Properties and national value (0 кБ) Реферат 20.11.2016

Physical-chemical characteristics and isotopes of beryllium. Productions and commercial use of beryllium, his applications (radiation, mechanical, magnetic, electronic). Toxicity, chronic disease, industrial release and occupational exposure limits.

236. Bevoelkerung in Deutschland (19,15 кБ) Реферат 26.02.2009

Содержание Bev 246 lkerungs Verteilung in Deutschland 3 Bev 246 lkerung in den alten und neuen Bundeslandern 3 Regionale Unterschiede 4 Integrierte Volksgruppen 4 Die demographische Entwicklung in Deutschland 5 Generationenvertrag 5 Die Familie 6 Frauen

237. Bill Lynch (0 кБ) 20.11.2010

History of formation of Irish businessman Bill Lynch, - the winner of competition of the international business. Stages of development of the small South African auto dealer and his transformation the huge company having business on three continents.

238. Biography Albert Einstein (0 кБ) Реферат 20.04.2021

Biography of life and activity of Albert Einstein - theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity, effecting a revolution in physics. The beginning of the first papers. Merit and awards. Wedding and the last years of his life.

239. Blended learning (0 кБ) 20.12.2005

Blending learning methods, approaches, strategies for Language Learning. Pedagogically sound learning materials. The Teacher’s Role in the Blend. The Student’s Role in the Blend. Creating a supportive online community. Reviewing and self-correcting.

240. Blends in the System of English Word-Formation (54,58 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

The general outline of word formation in English: information about word formation as a means of the language development - appearance of a great number of new words, the growth of the vocabulary. The blending as a type of modern English word formation.

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