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41. "Энциклопедия" слова "спасибо" (868,37 кБ) 20.02.2017

Как через слово "спасибо" в языке отображается духовная жизнь народа. Все значения слова "спасибо", его состав, происхождение и употребление в речи. Употребление слова в произведениях художественной литературы, его количественный и качественный анализ.

42. "Этот бесценный дар языка…": природа и сущность термина (81,31 кБ) 20.02.2017

Определение статуса слова "падеж". Подбор лингвистических терминов, которые пронизывают нашу речь. Рассмотрение синонимов среди лингвистической терминологии. Предикативы - слова категории состояния. Общая характеристика звука современной русской речи.

43. " The use of phrasal verbs (with tests)" (5737,33 кБ) Реферат 30.10.2012

ГУО «Средняя школа № 6 г. Жодино» Республика Беларусь Учитель английского языка Коледа Светлана Михайловна The use of phrasal verbs (with tests) Phrasal verbs are an important feature of the English language. Their importance lies in the fact that they form a key part of everyday English.

44. 10 things that make you happy (1054,63 кБ) 20.02.2017

What things make you happy? It may be simply winter, pets or walking in the forest. There is such comfort in having friends who knows and loves you. Sunrise, as a favorite time of the day. White peonies in your own garden, birthdays party and family.

45. 10 Topics for exams (14,81 кБ) Реферат 24.06.2004

1. My position about weddings So, speaking about weddings, I would like to mention first that I don t understand people, who are getting married at the age of 17-20, it s hideous. Cause they don t realize that they ll break their lives by divesting themselves of the greatest years.

46. 10 сочинений на английском языке (6,25 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

AboutMyself. My name is . I m a pupil of the 9th form of the secondaryschool . Our school gives general education. My class used to be aspecialized humanitarian class. We have special programs in Russian, RussianLiterature and History. I always liked social sciences and I enjoy stayinghere.

47. 108 North State Street (0 кБ) Реферат 20.11.2027

108 North State Street is a site currently under development as an urban center located in the Loop community area of downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States, details: history, block 37, the Mills Corporation. Progress, phase construction, completion.

48. 2 сочинения по английскому языку (english) (4,39 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

My Last Day Off.I would like totell you about the weekend I spend with my friend Mike. I had a really goodtime. Usually when I have a day off I try to keep myself busy so I can get themost of my free time.My friend cameover to my place around noon. We

49. 2 сочинения по иностранному языку для 9 класса (english) (3,4 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

At my grandfather s. My sister and Ienjoy living in the country, that is why we usually spend our summer holidaysat our grandfather s. He lives and works in the forest - he is a forester. Helives in a small house. He has a garden. Different plants grow in his garden.

50. 2 топика по английскому языку (english) (3,8 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Newspapers AND Magazinesnewspapers and magazines play a veryimportant part in our life. Practically there is no family that does not readthem. We can learn many things from newspapers. Perhaps that is why many yearsago an American humorous writer said

51. 2 топика по английскому языку (english) (3,71 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Meals AND Cookingwhen we cook, we boil, roast, fry orstew our food. We boil eggs, meat, chicken, fish, milk, water and vegetables.We fry eggs, fish and vegetables. We stew fish, meat, vegetables or fruit. Weroast meat or chicken. We put salt, sugar, pepper,

52. 2 топика по иностранному языку (english) (3,69 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

TheBritish Press The British press consists of several kinds ofnewspapers. The national papers are the ones sold all over thecountry, with a large circulation, giving general news. There are two main types of national paper - the popular papers and the quality papers.

53. 2 Топика по иностранному языку (english) (4,82 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

TheEarthWe live on the earth. It is very, very big. There is alot of water on the earth. It is in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are alot of forests and fields, hills and mountains on it. The earth is full ofwonders. Different animals live on the earth.

54. 2 Топика по иностранному языку (english) (3,67 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

I have a dreamThere are a lot of noble and important professions. One can hardly makeup his mind which to choose. I want to be a doctor. I began to think of my futureprofession when I was 12. You see, my father is a doctor. He is a qualified andexperienced

55. 2 Топика по иностранному языку (english) (3,34 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Santi goes to schoolSanti is a little boy. He is eight. He lives in Central Africa and goesto school there. School starts at seven o clock in the morning, but he goes toschool at half past six. Why? Well, he wants to get a desk near the teacher stable.

56. 2 Топика по иностранному языку (english) (3,39 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Thanksgiving DayThere is one day ayear when all Americans stay home with their families and eat a big dinner.This is Thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day inthe fall of 1621. The pilgrims sailed to America on board the Mayflower ship for religious freedom.

57. 3 биографии выдающихся людей на иностранном языке (english) (4,85 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Interesting Personality William Blake William Blake, English poet, painterand printer, was born on November 28, 1757. You may have read his poems - aboutthe lamb, the tiger, or his sad song about the poor chimney sweep. The strange thing is that in his owntime many people thought him mad.

58. 3 сочинения на новогоднюю тему (english) (6,32 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Holidays Christmas The word Christmas is derived from thewords Christ s Mass - the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.But although Christmas is undoubtedly a Christian celebration, it is also trueto say that it is an unusual combination of pagan and Christian festivities.

59. 3 сочинения по иностранному языку (english) (3,82 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

My little sisterI ve got a sister. Her name is Kate. She s three.She has got many toys four balls - red, green, blue and yellow three puppies - black, white andgrey two brown monkeys, a yellow giraffe, a white bear and two nice dolls. Do you think she likes to play with her toys?

60. 3 Топика по иностранному языку (english) (4,43 кБ) Реферат 25.01.2002

Native AmericansNative Americans came from Asia. Over 20 000 years ago they traveledacross the land between Siberia and Alaska. When English colonists came to theNew World on board the Mayflower the native Americans met them andwere very friendly and helped them a lot.

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