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81. Measurement of plastic strain of polycrystalline material by electron backscatter diffraction (0 кБ) 20.01.2018

Quantification of plastic strain by crystal orientation. Crystal orientation distribution and calculation of crystal deformation. Influence of the EBSD system. Relation with plastic strain. Misorientations from central orientation in each grain.

82. Measuring specific latent heat of vaporization of water (247,09 кБ) 20.02.2017

Definition the certain latent high temperature of evaporation of the liquid using capital equipment and calculations. The accepted value of the latent high temperature of evaporation. The uncertainty for the specific latent heat of vaporization.

83. Model-independent description of the light nucleus-nucleus elastic scattering at intermediate energies (0 кБ) 20.11.2011

Propose a new approach, based on the evolutionary algorithm, which enables to extract a scattering matrix S. Consideration of the model-independent definition scattering matrix. Study the basic aspects of the independence of the final S-matrix forms.

84. Modern Circuit Breaker Protection and Control (0 кБ) 20.05.2008

Breaker protection and control architecture. Modern microprocessor-based relay protection and automation devices. Notion of intelligent electronic devices. Advanced breaker protection and control diagnostic. Blocking functions in breaker protection.

85. Modifications of the Lorentz Force Law Complying with Galilean Transformations and the Local-Ether Propagation Model (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

Model of the electromagnetic force. Lorentz Force Law in Potentials. Augmented Potentials, Electromagnetic Force Law. Augmented Potentials under Neutralization. Force Law under Low-Speed Condition. Sagnac Effect and Galilean Relativity. Extra Force Terms.

86. Monitoring of natural radioactivity in manganese ore (0 кБ) 20.09.2028

The assessment of radiological hazard to the workers involved in manganese mining, industrial applications in Egypt. The natural radionuclides contents of manganese have been determined by low background spectroscopy using hyper-pure germanium detector.

87. Nanoscience and nano-technology - cracking prodigal farming (12614,02 кБ) Реферат 20.02.2017

Consideration of the need to apply nanotechnology in agriculture to improve nutrition in the soil, management of toxic elements in the hydrosphere, monitoring the ecological state of land, spraying of mineral substances, purifying water surfaces.

88. Non-markovian nuclear dynamics (367,53 кБ) 20.09.2012

Equations of motion for nuclear shape variables which establish a direct connection of the memory effects with the dynamic distortion of the Fermi surface. Applying the non-Markovian dynamics to the description of the nuclear giant multipole resonances.

89. Nonlinear multi-wave coupling and resonance in elastic structures (233,04 кБ) Реферат 20.02.2017

The principles of nonlinear multi-mode coupling. Consider a natural quasi-linear mechanical system with distributed parameters. Parametric approach, the theory of normal forms, according to a method of normal forms. Resonance in multi-frequency systems.

90. Observations of the Marinov Motor (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

Schematic of one simple form of Marinov motor. Torque Formulas. Analysis for Arbitrary Magnet Cross Section Shapes. Torsion Balance Measurement of Torque. Schematic of torsion balance used in presentlyreported torque measurements. A balance calibration.

91. On "gauge renormalization" in classical electrodynamics (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

The electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor for a system of charged particles and its "gauge renormalization". Classical electrodynamics after "gauge renormalization". The momentum of free and bound EM fields. Proper mass of electron and Poincare stresses.

92. On the electromagnetic force on a polarizable body (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

The force on a macroscopic polarizable body in an inhomogeneous electromagnetic field is calculated for simple exactly solvable situations. Different approaches pinpoint possible pitfalls and resolve recent confusion about a force density in ferrofluids.

93. On the form of Lorentz-Stern-Gerlach force (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

The leading order Foldy-Wouthuysen Hamiltonian. The Classical theory of Fields. The force experienced by a charged-particle with anomalous magnetic moment in presence of external fields. Approaches which have been used to address the question of a force.

94. On the Properties of Time-Dependent, Force-Free, Degenerate Electrodynamics (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

A time-dependent, force-free, degenerate electrodynamics as a hyperbolic system of conservations laws. A pair of fast waves propagating with the speed of light and a pair of Alfven waves. The upwind schemes for the electrodynamics of black hole.

95. PbSnTe photodiodes: theoretical predictions and experimental data (0 кБ) 20.06.2028

A numerical technique has been used slove the carrier transport equations for PbSnTe photodiode configurations. The model computes the spatial distribution of the electric field, electron concentrations and the generation-recombination of the mechanism.

96. Photoeffect peculiarities in macroporous silicon structures (0 кБ) 20.04.2001

The effects of increase in photoconductivity in the macroporous silicon structures. Founding to achieve a maximum at the distance between macropores equal to the double thickness of the Shottky layer what corresponds to the experimental results.

97. Planning of mobile complete set for a rural wind generator (761,94 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

Background to research and investigation of rural electrification. Method of investigation, plan of development, Rampuru, a typical rural South African village. Permanent magnet generator, properties of permanent magnets and evidence of wind resource.

98. Post-crystallization process (8913,83 кБ) 20.02.2023

Distribution of solid solution on phase diagram. Solid homogeneous feldspars. Term for albite exsolution lamellae in K-spar matrix. Examples of post-crystallization. Smoother boundaries from recrystallization. Replacement of one mineral by another.

99. Preliminary Determination of Propeller Aerodynamic Characteristics for Small Aeroplanes (0 кБ) 20.10.2008

Conducting a preliminary determination of the propeller thrust and power coefficients depending on the predetermined relationship with the help of representative geometrical parameters of the blade at a certain radius. Evaluation of nonlinear influence.

100. Presentation Beam and beam constructions (100,57 кБ) 20.02.2017

Stress in beams. Thin walled beams. Mechanical beam quality depends on several of its characteristics. The size and shape of its cross-section. Determining the size and shape of the cross section peppered. Сlosed or open cross sections of a beam.

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