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101. Protecting information from classical error correction to quantum cryptography (0 кБ) Книга 20.03.2008

Introduction to error correction and cryptography is unique in devoting several chapters to quantum cryptography and computing, thus providing a context in which ideas from mathematics and physics meet. By such topics as quantum factoring algorithm.

102. Pseudo-forces in quantum mechanics (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

A quantum mechanical system in different frames of reference. Linearly accelerated frame and equivalence principle. Rotating frame, coriolis and centrifugal forces. Evolution of a state vector in quantum mechanics as a kind of parallel transport.

103. Quantum mechanics (2398,85 кБ) 20.02.2017

The photoelectric effect. The maximum kinetic energy. Putting it all together. Can we use this idea in a circuit. The results of the photoelectric effect allowed us to look at light completely different. The electron microscope. Wave-particle duality.

104. Quantum Teleportation: Science Fiction or Reality (15,08 кБ) Реферат 25.06.2006

Министерство образования Российской Федерации Архангельский государственный технический университет Кафедра Иностранных Языков Quantum Teleportation Science Fiction or Reality Quantum Teleportation Science Fiction or Reality Teleportation is the name

105. Radio Frequency Identification Technology (179,06 кБ) Курсовая 20.02.2017

The overall architecture of radio frequency identification systems. The working principle of RFID: the reader sends out radio waves of specific frequency energy to the electronic tags, tag receives the radio waves. Benefits of contactless identification.

106. Renormalization-group analysis of turbulence (0 кБ) 20.09.2009

The renormalization-group analysis of turbulence, based on KG Wilson’s coarse-graining procedure, leads to suggestive results for turbulence coefficients and models. The RG method, a calculation procedure successfully employed in many areas of physics.

107. Residual-current device (0 кБ) Реферат 20.11.2008

Summary of residual current devices. Its main purpose, operation and placement. Purpose of National Electrical Code. The process of RCDs. The process of replacing the two-wire (ungrounded) output. Photo of the internal mechanism of the residual current.

108. Results on dark matter by DAMA/LIBRA at Gran Sasso (0 кБ) 20.09.2002

DAMA/LIBRA is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the I.N.F.N. The data collected confirm the model independent evidence of the presence of Dark Matter (DM) particles in the galactic halo on the basis of the DM annual modulation signature.

109. Search for double beta decays of 96-Ru and 104-Ru with high purity Ge gamma spectrometry (0 кБ) 20.09.2019

Experiment to search for double beta decay is in progress in the INFN laboratory with the help of ultra-low background high purity Ge gamma spectrometry. Studies of double beta decay give information about properties of neutrino and weak interactions.

110. Semiclassical shell structure and nuclear double-humped fission barriers (309,95 кБ) 20.09.2011

Averaged level-density shell corrections and shell-structure energies are continuous through all symmetry-breaking (bifurcation) points. Enhancement of the nuclear shell structure near bifurcations in the superdeformed region for the level densities.

111. Semiclassical shell-structure moments of inertia in heated fermi systems (0 кБ) 20.09.2024

The moment of inertia for the collective rotation. Three-dimensional periodic orbits for the axially symmetric harmonic-oscillator potential. Model of independent particles near the Fermi surface. The total free energy, the moment of inertia of the JMC.

112. Sextant Sighting Performance for Space Navigation Using Simulated and Real Celestial Targets (0 кБ) 20.09.2009

The feasibility of using a hand-held sextant for taking navigation measurements from on board a manned spacecraft. The Ames Midcourse Guidance and Navigation Simulator. The comparison of sighting performance a hand-held and a gimbal-supported sextant.

113. Simulation of a gas turbine combustor test rig using a reactor network approach with detailed chemistry (3526,11 кБ) 20.08.2007

Presentation process modelling of gas turbine combustion chamber as one of the efficient energy technologies. Description of the development of green technologies reduce the emissions of combustion products of different fuel compositions in gas turbine.

114. Solar energy (0 кБ) 20.12.2023

The essence of the process of using solar energy in the areas of alternative energy. The process of generating electricity using solar cells. The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of solar energy. The use of photovoltaic installations.

115. Synchronization and sommerfeld effect as typical resonant patterns (153,51 кБ) 20.02.2017

Reducing the noise and vibrations by using hydraulic absorbers as dampers to dissipate the energy of oscillations in railway electric equipments. The phenomenon of the phase synchronization. Examples of stable and unstable regimes of synchronization.

116. Temperature dependence of the isovector dipole response for asymmetric spherical nuclei:a kinetic-theory approach (0 кБ) 20.11.2018

Semiclassical approach based on the Vlasov equation for finite systems with moving surface. Study isovector dipole excitations heated spherical nuclei with neutron excess. Collision integral in the approximation of the effective relaxation time.

117. Tensor of the electromagnetic field and the Lorentz force, therefore the geometry of space-time of Minkowski (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

Infinitesimal transformations, Maxwell tensor and electromagnetic forces. The Maxwell field tensor. Integral curves associated with the equations of motion and the end of the Lorentz transformation. Electromagnetic force and geometry of space-time.

118. The absence of "torque" in the Trouton-Noble experiment (0 кБ) Реферат 20.09.2011

Description of experiment on determination of the revolved moment of the charged elementary particles at a conclusion them from a spacehold. Change the rate of earthly movement through "Ether" with an inactive result and description of general paradox.

119. The calculation of stress-strain state of anisotropic composite finite-element area with different boundary conditions on the surface (0 кБ) Контрольная 20.01.2027

The numerical-analytic approach to solve the stress-strain state problems of an arbitrary finite element simple-connected composite object with different surface mounting types. The main problem is solvedby using the elasticity theory spatial model.

120. The Lorentz Force Law and Spacetime Symmetries (0 кБ) 20.09.2011

Poincare Transformations of the Direct Sum Field. On Site Verbal Explanations at the Poster Session. Vector-Tensor Field, Translation Matrix. Constant Magnetic and Electric Field. Origin of the Connection. Parallel Translation and The Lorentz Force Law.

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