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Шпаргалки - Рефераты на иностранных языках

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1. Cities around the world (7,84 кБ) Шпаргалка 12.09.2008

Cities Around THE World A city is an urban area which is differentiated from a town or village by size, population, density, importance or legal status. A city usually consists of residential, industrial and business areas. A large share of a city s area

2. Methodology (6812,8 кБ) Шпаргалка 21.01.2011

1) Phonetics as a branch of linguistics structure and functions of the speech sounds This branch of linguistics is called phonetics. Phonetics is an independent branch of linguistics like lexicology or grammar. These linguistic sciences study language from three different points of view.

3. Pets (3,07 кБ) Шпаргалка 17.09.2008

Pets Many people are fond of pets. They keep different animals and birds as pets. More often they are dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, parrots and fish. As for me I like parrots. They are my favourite pets. They are clever and nice. I ve got a parrot.

4. Seasons (5,09 кБ) Шпаргалка 17.09.2008

Seasons 1) Everybody knows that there are four seasons in a year and every season is good on its own way with its own charm. 2) Consider autumn for example. 3) In September and November it is still warm and the sun shines brightly in the blue cloudless sky.

5. Smoking (6,93 кБ) Шпаргалка 17.09.2008

Smoking Smoking is a big social issue in many countries nowadays widely discussed in newspapers, radio and TV-shows. The practice of smoking tobacco originated among Native Americans in eastern North America, where tobacco is native. It was adopted by

6. Английский язык (16,36 кБ) Шпаргалка 18.09.2008

Английский ЯЗЫК Unit 1 1. Личные местоимения Единственное число Множественное число I – я you – ты he – он she – она it – он, она, оно (о неодушевленных предметах) we – мы you – вы they – они 2. Глагол to be в простом настоящем времени Утвердительная

7. Афоризмы (11,42 кБ) Шпаргалка 10.02.2010

Юридические Выражения И Афоризмы К Зачету 1.Nemo judex in propria causa - никто не судья в собственном деле. 2.Non rex est lex ,sed lex est rex - не царь есть закон , а закон есть царь. 3.Testis unus - testis nullus - один свидетель не свидетель. Одно

8. тема по английскому - землеустроитель (5,36 кБ) Шпаргалка 19.01.2011

Land has much to do with our needs and every day life. people devote their activities to get the basic items of food, shelter and clothing. Of course, we want good highways and cars, forests, fields, railways an so on. So land is necessary to satisfy man is needs.

9. тема по английскому - лондон (5,9 кБ) Шпаргалка 19.01.2011

I wood like to tell you about London as if I recently have been there, because I know a lot of interesting things about the capital of England from books, magazines and films. As I have already mentioned London is the capital of the United Kingdom of

10. Тема по английскому - москва (6,39 кБ) Шпаргалка 19.01.2011

Speaking about Russia we always remember about Moscow, it is capital. It is not only the capital, but it is undoubtedly one of the largest cities in the world. The best way to learn a city is to buy a map and a guide-book. certainly that is not enough to study the city well.

11. Тема по английскому - окружающая среда (5,46 кБ) Шпаргалка 19.01.2011

Environmental Protection. People have always polluted all around. But until now there was no contamination of such a serious problem. With the development of highly urban areas, which emit large quantities of pollutants into the environment, the problem has become increasingly serious.

  • Всего: 11
  • 1-11

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