Working out of the search algorithm of failures of Air Conditioning System of TU-154

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AAHE is ranged between 100 - 200°C. AAHE is the first stage of cabin air cooling maintained by atmosphere ram-air flow. AAHE is one-flow.

In case of overcooling there is by-pass line to bleed off air besides AAHE. Before air enters pressure cabin the main line is divided on two parallel pipelines: right and left. They lead to two main cooling stages, where AAHEs and air cycle machines installed.

Here, after AAHE air temperature should be not more than 60°C, behind ACM - 10 - 20°C. In case of overcooling there are two by-pass lines besides AAHE and ACM. By-pass of air is carried by air distributers mounted on AAHE.

Regulation of distributers is automatic or manual. ACM has two functions: to cool air flowing from AAHE being secondary stage of air cooling; to suck scavenged air through AAHE during ACS operation being on the ground. There is also oil system of ACM.

It`s function is to lubricate ACM bearings. Then air comes to distributive main line where air mixtures and air distributers are located. Air mixture is used to mix cold and hot air.

Air distributors of hot and cold air are used to regulate definite temperature of air in pressure cabin. Noise suppression device. THEORETICAL BASIS OF WORKING OUT OF ALGORITHM For algorithm working out let’s use the method that is based on the theory of information.

In it the leading function is information quantity, which can be got during control of diagnostic parameter or making another check. By the results of the check we define diagnose of the system. Practically, the process of the algorithm working out begins from the construction of the table of functional failures and calculation of information quantity, got during every check, and then the algorithm .

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