Working out of the search algorithm of failures of Air Conditioning System of TU-154

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Course work on the discipline Diagnostics of aircraft state ‘Working out of the search algorithm of failures of Air Conditioning System of TU-154’ the work is performed by the student of 505 FLA D. Zhuravel the work is checked by: Y. A.

Sapeljuk Kyiv 2009 CONTENT 1. Work’s goal 2. Description of ACS of Tu-3.

Principal scheme of ACS of Tu-154 4. Theoretical base of algorithm developing process 5. IPTION AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM OF TU-154 The air conditioning system (ACS) provides pressurization, ventilation, heating of the pressure cabin.

Air is taken from the 9th compressor stage of three engines in amount of 5000-5500 kg/h, temperature is between 240 - 350 °C and differential pressure is 7,5 - 9kg/sm2. The ACS supply conditioned air to the control cabin, passenger cabin, electronic equipment compartment, forward cargo compartment, air conditioning distribution bay and aft cargo compartment, and provides constant pressure and temperature in pressure cabin. It is maintained by air flow regulation.

Air supply to the air conditioning system is furnished by the pneumatic system from either engine bleed air or the auxiliary power unit (APU) in flight; from engine bleed air, APU bleed air, ground pneumatic supply cart, or from a ground conditioned air supply cart during ground operation. All cold air required for air conditioning is provided by air conditioning packs. Passing bleed air through a primary heat exchanger, an air cycle machine, and a secondary heat exchanger cools the air sufficiently to handle any cooling situation required.

A ram air system provides coolant air for the heat exchangers. In each of three pipelines there is regulated check valve to prevent air masses flow in returned direction. Pipelines attachment is realized with the help of compensators.

Further three pipelines are connected into single one mainline, which leads to the first cooling stage - preliminary air-to-air heat exchanger. Temperature of hot air after .

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