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That was none of her business. Julia was determined to have the matter out with Dolly. She rang her up to make an appointment.

Dolly’s voice sounded cold and hostile. Julia had always been able to turn Dolly round her finger, but now she could hardly convince Dolly to come. When they met, they talked about indifferent things, and then Julia got down to the point.

She never took her eyes off Dolly’s face while talking. She failed to convince Dolly that Tom wasn’t her lover. But Dolly pretended that she believed her and said Julia had taken a great weight off her mind.

Portion VII. 1. Julia had already heard the name of Avice Crichton mentioned a few times.

She knew, that there was some talk that this small-part actress would perhaps get a part in a play they were going to put on. So, when Michael once mentioned her, Julia wasn’t taken aback. Michael said that Tom had put in a word for Avice.

Michael thought it was worth while to go and have a look at her, but as he was busy on Sunday, he asked Julia to go. Yielding to curiosity, Julia agreed. Tom was to go with her.

But long before Julia had seen her, she made up her mind that Avice would never get a part in their theatre. 2. Julia was relieved to see that Avice Crichton couldn’t act to toffee.

This fact took a great weight off her mind. When the curtain fell, Tom said that he wished Julia go behind and congratulate Avice. Julia was so amazed, that at first, she didn’t know if she should burst into laughter or get angry.

But she got over her amazement. She was determined to go through with it. Though Avice didn’t seem to be nervous and was self-assured, Julia wasn’t taken in by her grand manners.

It even amused her. Julia saw that Avice was anxious to get this part. 3.

Tom was head over ears in love with Avice. As soon as he could, he brought the conversation to her.

Реферат Иностранные языки 25.01.2002

Театр (english)

Portion I. 1. Michael Gosselyn s office was fur nished in good taste. Everyone who came there realized at once that it was an office of the manager of a first class theatre. The walls had been panelled and on them hung engravings of theatrical pictures by Zoffany and de Wilde.

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Тульский театр в XIX в. – начале XX в.

… … ….…….………2 1.Тульский театр драмы Xviii- начало XIX века… …….……….5 2.Тульский театр драмы конец XIX века… …….….….… ….14 3.Тульский театр драмы начало XX века… ……….….… ….17 4.Заключение….….…… 25 5.Список используемой литературы… …….26 Введение Xviii век для России был переходным моментом.

Курсовая Педагогика 20.02.2009

Удосконалення естетичного виховання засобам залучення старших дошкільників до...

Міністерство освіти і науки України Хмельницький гуманітарно-педагогічний інститут На правах рукопису кафедри музично-теоретичних дисцип-лін Дипломна Робота на здобуття освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня „бакалавр” на тему „Удосконалення Естетичного Виховання

Реферат Русская литература 11.09.2008

Театр времен Сумарокова

стр.3 II. Театр и драматургия первых десятилетий Xviii века стр.3 III. Жизненный путь Сумарокова стр.6 IV. Театр в 1730 – 1760 годах. Основание русского театра. стр.9 V. Вклад Сумарокова в развитие русского театра. стр.12 VI. Заключение. стр.14 VII. Список литературы стр. рекомендует:

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