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Julia was on the stage. Besides, she was head over ears in love with her son and it flattered her motherly pride. Julia gave a perfect performance of the village maiden.

3. Michael had affection and admiration for Julia, he felt at ease with her. But he took her love for granted and it was obvious that he wasn’t in love with her.

It was no good deceiving herself. At first this made Julia unhappy. Now and then she lost control of herself and made him frantic scenes.

But then she began to doubt if he was capable of loving anybody. It didn’t seem worth while to suffer from it. Soon Julia was content to love Michael whereas he allowed her to love him.

4. When Julia found out that an American manager had offered Michael a part, her heart sank. She had to exercise all her self-control to pretend that she was as excited as he was.

But when Julia remained alone, she lost control of herself and began to cry in earnest. In America Michael was going to save every cent he could, so, in two years he expected to have the best part of four thousand pounds. 5.

When Julia realized that she had fallen out of love with Michael, she fell into despair. She felt that she had lost something that was infinitely precious to her. Her heart sank.

She was displayed. She was inclined to cry, because her fortune had failed her. But when she had thought it over, her grief made a way to relief.

Now she was her own mistress and not a slave of her love. Now she looked at Michael not with the eyes of a woman in love but with shrewd penetrating eyes. Yes, it was great to be free and she would be able to make the most of her freedom.

Portion III. 1. As soon as the war ended Michael began to work as an actor and soon gained a reputation in London.

He spared no effort to force managers to pay him the salary he thought he was worth, but if he couldn’t get it, he was prepared to take less. He still thought of going into management, but though they had saved seven thousand pounds, the sum was inadequate. Mrs.

de Vries came to their rescue.

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Театр (english)

Portion I. 1. Michael Gosselyn s office was fur nished in good taste. Everyone who came there realized at once that it was an office of the manager of a first class theatre. The walls had been panelled and on them hung engravings of theatrical pictures by Zoffany and de Wilde.

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Тульский театр в XIX в. – начале XX в.

… … ….…….………2 1.Тульский театр драмы Xviii- начало XIX века… …….……….5 2.Тульский театр драмы конец XIX века… …….….….… ….14 3.Тульский театр драмы начало XX века… ……….….… ….17 4.Заключение….….…… 25 5.Список используемой литературы… …….26 Введение Xviii век для России был переходным моментом.

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Удосконалення естетичного виховання засобам залучення старших дошкільників до...

Міністерство освіти і науки України Хмельницький гуманітарно-педагогічний інститут На правах рукопису кафедри музично-теоретичних дисцип-лін Дипломна Робота на здобуття освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня „бакалавр” на тему „Удосконалення Естетичного Виховання

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Театр времен Сумарокова

стр.3 II. Театр и драматургия первых десятилетий Xviii века стр.3 III. Жизненный путь Сумарокова стр.6 IV. Театр в 1730 – 1760 годах. Основание русского театра. стр.9 V. Вклад Сумарокова в развитие русского театра. стр.12 VI. Заключение. стр.14 VII. Список литературы стр. рекомендует:

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