Ethics and objectivity

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Recognize that the people prize Power even more than the concepts of Truth and Justice, and act accordingly. Recognize that Journalism is really beyond ethics and that you are not accountable to anybody or anything except Market forces and your own consciences. Never commit plagiarism, except if adequate camouflaging is possible.

Obey laws and common morality except if they interfere with your objective. Never admit a moral or legal transgression. David Arant, EthicsIssues, and Controversies in Mass Media, 1997, p.

20 It is possible to conclude that the first journalism code of ethics wassubjective and doubtful. The author reflected his own position in his code ofethics. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, manynewspaper reporters and editors saw nothing wrong with accepting gifts.

Thegifts took various forms, but the most common were free passes for concerts,sporting events, and the railroad. A few editors of the era, most notably Lucius Nieman of the MilwaukeeJournal, criticized the pass system , as it known. However, only a national scandal made journalists revise their ethicalprinciples.

It was in 1920s during the Teapot Domescandal. Teapot Dome was a federally owned oilreserve that provided Navy with the oil. This oil reserve was given to privatedevelopers without competitive bidding.

In order to ensure employees andmembers what ethical principles they should follow, mass-media created codes ofethics. In 1923 the American Society of Newspaper Editors created code ofethics, and three years later one of the members of this Society was imprisonedfor part in Teapot scandal. The Watergate scandal created a new wave of newcodes of ethics.

The Society of Professional Journalists adopted the code ofethics in 1973, the Associated Press Managing Editors in 1973. Nowadays journalism codes of ethics are divided into two groups codeswritten by nationally recognized professional organizations the .

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Accounting and auditing

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