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Ethics and objectivity

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Objectivity may be a worthy goal, butit is unrealizable certainly in regard to the press. In no way can a journalistbe detached, unprejudiced, unopinionated, unbiased,and omniscient. Journalists are subjectivists, personally conditioned, and areable to provide audiences no more than superficial maps of real territory.

E. E. Dennis, J.

C. Merrill Media debates Great issues for theDigital Age p. 125 E.

E. Dennis based histheory on some rules that, in his opinion, are rules of objective writing 1. Separating fact fromopinion2.

Presenting anemotionally detached view of the news3. Striving for fairness and balance, giving both sides an opportunity to reply ina way that provides full informationto the audience. E.

E. Dennis, J. C.

Merrill Media debates Great issues for theDigital Age p. 126 I have conducted aresearch whether the main Kyrgyzstan smass-media are objective. The main criteria of this research were two aspectsthat were mentioned by Dennis the absence of emotions and the absence ofopinions.

I have looked through the issues of four main newspapers Slovo Kyrgyzstana, Vechernii Bishkek, Argumenti i facti,and KP for a period of threemonths. According to my analysis, only ten percent of articlesin the issues of mentioned newspapers suite to the term objective article. The other ninetypercent of articles were opinionated,full of emotions, or contained only one side of conflict.

2. JournalisticEthicsThe first person who invented thejournalism ethics was Niccolo Machiavelli. Here is his code of ethics called Ten Commandment for journalists Have no gods but the God of success.

Create, however, false gods in order to make the people think they are sharing in your power. Always advocate Truth- your Truth, stemming from your power and your purpose. Never tamper with the Truth unless such tampering will enhance your authority and power, accomplish your purposes, and assure public conformity and stability.

Recognize that Justice is the handmaiden Truth in minds of the people so proclaim both constantly.

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