Ethics and objectivity

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Overholser of the Missouri School ofJournalism and a highly respected professional, denounced objectivity as worththan useless, even harmful. In 1996, the Society ofProfessional journalists dropped the term objectivity from its code of ethics. So much of news these days is all about throwinganything and everything out there half-truths, distortions, opinion news, andthe tell-it-like-it-is rantings of the contentiousbullies who run the talk shows.

More and more, reporters who still viewobjectivity as our guide and goal stand out like someone wearing a suit at a Metallica concert. Some journalism schools and textbooksdon t mention objectivity any longer, except as a topic in an editorialproblems seminar. In 1996, the Society of Professional Journalists, withoutfanfare, dropped the term from its code of ethics.

The fact that some reporters permit superficialhe-said she-said reporting to define objectivityspawns much of today s criticism. In 2003, Brent Cunningham, managing editor ofColumbiaJournalism Review, wrote in an article, Re-thinkingObjectivity, that our devotion to what we call objectivity played a role inour failure to cover some of the Bush administration s shortcomings. S.

J. Berry NiemanReports, summer 2005 . The quotes from S.

J. Berry s article show theattitude to journalistic objectivity in the West nowadays. From thesestatements a reader can conclude that the term journalistic objectivityis loosing its importance in the West.

There are two generaltheories about the journalistic objectivity J. C. Merrill stated that journalistic objectivity is not possible , E.

E. Dennis stated that journalistic objectivity is possible. Merrill s theory is based onpsychological difference among people .

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Accounting and auditing

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