Ethics and objectivity

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Ethics- is a collectionof moral rules and laws the electronic encyclopedia- Wykepedia . First time term appeared in the Aristotle s work Practical philosophy . Thefirst ethical rules have appeared with the Bible.

Seven mortal death sins areconsidered the first collection of ethical rules. Time has passed and famousphilosophers started discussing the problem of ethics. Kant stated that ethicsis a strict obedience of official laws .

The journalism ethics was developed by N. Machiavelli and first appearedin 1520 y. in the newspaper Princely Press .

In this paper I willintroduce the main theories about the journalistic objectivity and ethics. Themain research methods that are used in this paper are the analysis ofdifferent sources of information books and articles , the questionnaire. 2.

The Objectivity in the journalismWhat is the history ofthe journalism objectivity term? The term objectivity didn t appear as partof journalism until the 1900-s, but the pursuit if the objectivity in journalismwas defined in the middle of the 19th century. In 1867 J.

Hanney published the book Haney s Guide to Authorship. Inthis book the author defined the qualities of objective reporting, Thereshould be no comments. The editor should not be a partisan of either side.

He should chronicle facts, but not giveopinions. If there be a public meeting, it should be reported fairly. p.

92 cited from J. Hanney, 1867 . A few years later, inthe book Hints to Young Editor 1872, J.

Mirando the author showed a strong endorsement of objectivity based on viewing news asa marketing strategy. In 1890, E. Shuman published a book Steps into Journalism.

Inthis book E. Shuman created basics for a journalistic objectivity. I have conducted aninterview with the AUCA students from different departments in order to knowwhether they believe in the existence of objectivity.

80 80 students answered that they don t believe in objectivity and they don t think that theobjectivity is necessary. In the Winter 2004 issue of NiemanReports, Geneva .

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