Social stratification and social inequality

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or position and place of a person in the society. In its sense the status is a generalized parameter of stratification. An ascribed status characterizes a strictly fixed system of stratification or closed society where transition from one stratum to another is practically forbidden.

Examples of a closed society are caste and slave-owning systems. An achieved status characterizes a mobile system of stratification, or open society with people's free ascending and descending on the social ladder. An example is a capitalist society with its class differentiation.

A feudal society is an intermediate type as it belongs to a relatively closed system: transitions are formally forbidden but in practice they are not excluded. Such are the historic types of stratification. Stratification profile Four parameters of stratification are made use of to create analytical models and instruments which can be applied to define not only the status of separate individuals but groups as well, i.

e. dynamics and structure of the society in general. Sociologists distinguish the stratification profile which enables to apply a deeper consideration of the problem of status incompatibility.

Status incompatibility is a contradiction between statuses in the person's set or between status characteristics in his status set. If some parameters of a definite status set go beyond the boundaries of a class, status incompatibility turns to stratification incompatibility. Here is an example.

As practice shows, in transitive societies like those on the post-soviet area a professor belongs to the lower class according to his income, and to the upper one - according to his prestige. It means a large dispersion of parameters extending the boundaries of the middle class to .

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