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Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

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the sociologist speculated that world was moving towards a difficult and bloody period of transition. With these concerns in mind his research turned to the analysis of conflict, war and revolution, to the search for a comprehensive philosophical foundation for knowledge and to a direct means for dealing with social problems and improving the human condition. For the next twenty years he wrote mainly on war, integralism and altruism.

As a humanistic scholar, he wanted to understand the conditions which led to war and the methods by which they could be treated and reduced. Similar values informed his later works on revolution and institutional violence. Another merit by P.

A. Sorokin is his theory of social stratification and social mobility. It states that the society is divided into strata (layers) that differentiate from each other by their wealth, activities, political views, cultural orientations etc.

Thus, they serve as the basis for identifying the main forms of social stratification such as economic, political and occupational ones. Social mobility is understood as any transition of an individual or social object from one social position to another. There are two principal types of social mobility, horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal mobility, or shifting, is a transition of a person or social object from one social group to another situated on the same level. Transitions of individuals from one family (as a husband or wife) to another by divorce and remarriage, from one factory to another in the same occupational status, are all instances of horizontal mobility. So, too, are transitions of social objects, such as fashion, scientific or political ideas from the country of origin to other ones.

In all these cases, “shifting” may take place without any noticeable change of the social position .

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Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье

Курсовая работа на тему «Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье» Пьер Бурдье (01.08.1930 – 23.01.2002) – основатель новой социологической школы во Франции, самый известный за пределами своей страны французский социолог, создатель теории социального поля и теории...

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Американский период творчества П.А. Сорокина

стр.1 П.А. Сорокин жизнь и судьба стр.6 Истоки философских и общесоциологических взглядов П.А. Сорокина, стр.16 целостность и единство его научного творчества русского и американского периодов. Направления научной деятельности П.А. Сорокина стр.20 американского рекомендует:

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