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Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

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In other words, Ch. Mills considers social conflict a natural component of the social organism. Another elaborator of social conflict Lewis Coser (1913-2003) put forward the goal of making structural functionalism deeper and more perfect.

In contrast to classical theorists of the functional approach who analyze harmony, not conflict, L. Coser proves that conflicts and confrontations are products of the internal life of the society and order of things and relations between people and groups existing in this society. If functionalists see in conflict a manifestation of disorder in the society, L.

Coser makes a focus on its positive functions trying to show its integrative and stabilizing role there. He believes that taking place in the society struggle of interests on redistribution of means of production, public wealth and share of this wealth, bears a positive character. Thus, in his theory conflicts perform a number of positive functions which are described in the book, The Functions of Social Conflict (1956).

For example, conflict within a group frequently helps to resolve tension between antagonists, revitalize existent norms; or it contributes to the emergence of new norms or it may help to establish unity or re-establish unity and cohesion where it has been threatened by hostile and antagonistic feelings among the members. Another contribution into development of conflict theory was made by Ralf Dahrendorf (born in 1929), a German-British sociologist. His theory is deeply rooted in the Marxist theory but it is also an extension according to the contemporary sociological theory of class and class conflict in an industrial society.

R. Dahrendorf assumes that various elements of the society directly or indirectly participate in conflicts of any society, so conflicts exist between these elements of the society.

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Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье

Курсовая работа на тему «Образовательный потенциал в концепции социального капитала П.Бурдье» Пьер Бурдье (01.08.1930 – 23.01.2002) – основатель новой социологической школы во Франции, самый известный за пределами своей страны французский социолог, создатель теории социального поля и теории...

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Американский период творчества П.А. Сорокина

стр.1 П.А. Сорокин жизнь и судьба стр.6 Истоки философских и общесоциологических взглядов П.А. Сорокина, стр.16 целостность и единство его научного творчества русского и американского периодов. Направления научной деятельности П.А. Сорокина стр.20 американского рекомендует:

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