Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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of purely "economic activities". One of researchers of this problem, James Millz, characterises drugs business as follows:« The international industry of drugs is actually at all and not the industry, it is empire. Sovereign, self-satisfied and haughty it is underground empire though and often torn apart by internal struggle, always addressed to the world community the rallied front.

Today it showed herself to the world so immensely money-grubbing and ruthlessly exploiter, as well as any imperial state of a XIX-th century, so extensive, as well as British Empire, so capable to resolute rallying, as well as the American republic. Aggressive and violent by the nature the underground empire has own armies, diplomats and reconnaissance services, banks, merchant marine fleets and airlines. She aspires to expansion of the domination by all ways - from illegal subversive activities before open war ».

At all variety of cartels in them the fear cast-iron discipline, because punishment one - death reigns. Survivability of the transnational criminal organisations also is to no small degree connected by that, performing the operations, they completely ignore borders of the states, the national sovereignty while the international and national forces combating them, are obliged to operate by the strict rules established by these attributes of statehood. The transnational organisations which are engaged in drugs business, have certain commodity markets not only in the territorial relation, but also are frequent by "production" kinds (heroin, cocaine, marihuana, etc.

) Besides, they can be substantially differentiated functionally, on production phases and spreads of drug addiction. Parts of transnational organisations are focused on multistage .

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