Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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Colombian manufacturers of the drugs directed on eliminating the basic competitors, to expand capacities on raw materials processing, to improve routes of delivery of drugs and to neutralise measures of the Colombian authorities on execution of the laws, concerning illegal drugs business; - Intrusion of the Soviet armies into Afghanistan into 1979 and the long conflict which has followed it promoting growth of manufacture of opium which in turn, provided a source of means for conducting war against the USSR. There is a version about working out of CIA of the special program code-named «White jihad» during the Soviet-Afghani conflict which essence consisted in use of Afghanistan as base for manufacturing of opium-raw and its transfer in republics USSR. Besides, the military conflict has allowed drug dealers, having got of support of Mojaheds of Iran and Pakistan, to use these countries as transit routes; - Islamic revolution in Iran when the help of the Iranian government to fundamentalists in Doline Bekaa has undermined antidrug operations in Lebanon and in region as a whole and has allowed Iran to become the important element in system of distribution of heroin; - Realisation of rigid antidrug measures in Colombia and Mexico has in the mid-eighties led to changes in geography of manufacture and sale of drugs, manufacture has extended to Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Surinam, Haiti and Paraguay became the important reloading points; - Crash in 1988 of a mode Ne Fault in Myanma (Burma).

Myanma already was for a long time the large manufacturer of opium, but the government Not Fault periodically carried out retaliatory operations against manufacturers and dealers opium. In the conditions of the political instability which has arisen after falling of the government Not Fault, intensity of struggle against drugs business grew weak, and as a result to the beginning of 90th years Myanma has turned to the world's largest manufacturer of opium; - A combination of intensive measures in Colombia, followed after murder of the candidate in .

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