Some teaching techniques in developing students’ listening and writing skills.

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Some teaching techniques in developing students’ listening and writing skills. Fluent English command is nowadays one of the most important characteristic features of a well –educated person. The demand of interactive communication, knowledge share involves the youth to English language mastering.

That is why one of the most modern and complicated problems of methodology is development of students’ foreign language communicative competence. Communicative competence is based on mastering of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. I ‘d like to draw your attention to some listening and writing activities which work well with students.

On the first step (elementary) of language study I practice various kinds of dictations based on photos, pictures: Situational picture. Listen to the text, look at the situational picture (for instance. a room) and find the objects in it.

Write down only the “Wrong” sentences. Compare your work with your mate’s. Correct mistakes and write down your variant of sentences.

Picture dictation. (vanishing species). Listen to the names of animals.

Place them on the map in proper places. Compare your map with your partner’s. These animals are in danger.

Why? ( geographical maps are needed) Scheme drawing. Teacher reads the names of objects of a house room and students draw them and write them in schema.

Single-word dictation. Children listen to the words in English and write down the words under ear the appropriate picture. (Food/ clothes) Dictations with grammar tasks.

While listening copy out the words (nouns in Plural, irregular verbs, adjectives e. t. c.

) from the text. (any adopted text) Another method of developing students’ listening and writing skills is narrative text reproduction.

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